Best UV Nail Polish

  • Personal Style: 6 different shades of popular and trendy...
  • Healthy: 9 Toxin Free Ingredient makes it safe and has low...
  • Easy Application and Good Tenacity.With proper application,...
  • WHAT YOU GET: 18 X Mini Gel shades (5ml./each bottle) + Base...
  • WELL-SELECTED 18 COLOR SHADES: No more struggle to decide...
  • BOTTLES SHOW GEL POLISH COLOR: It gives you the most...
  • Elite99
  • Health and Beauty
  • Azure Beauty Base and Top Coat: Long-lasting; Brilliant...
  • The function of base and top coat: increases the adhesion of...
  • The top coat makes nails glossy and shiny, prevents nails...
  • Tiny Bottles: Please don't mind! 0.24oz (7ml)/bottle. Sexy...
  • Pink Colors Series: Necessary pink colors for girls.Perfect...
  • Application: Apply 3 layers to get full color. Need to apply...
  • On like polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes. Mirror shine...
  • With a proper application, 2 WEEKS+ wearing is attainable.
  • Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients, low...

Our Top UV Nail Polish Pick

Beetles Pastel Gel Nail Polish Set - Spring Summer Gel Polish, Soak Off Gel Polish Set, UV LED Required, 7.3ml Each Bottle Nail Art Gifts Box
  • Personal Style: 6 different shades of popular and trendy colors suitable for all seasons and daily routine life!
  • Healthy: 9 Toxin Free Ingredient makes it safe and has low odor.
  • Easy Application and Good Tenacity.With proper application, last at least 3 weeks.
  • Reminder: Cure under LED/UV light for 90-120 secs. Base and Top coat required.
  • What you get: 6 Gorgeous shades of Gel Polish, hassle-free and friendly customer service.

Beauty: UV Nail Polish Video Guide

Well-groomed hands are a sign of youthfulness, aesthetics and beauty. For women, nail polish is one of the classics and every perfect manicure. Conventional nail varnishes often do not last long and splinter at the slightest touch with hard surfaces. The situation is different with UV nail polish, which is available in all fashionable and classic colours, in unusual combinations with glitter or small applications. UV nail polish does not dry independently, but is hardened under a special UV lamp and resembles in its processing nail gels from the professional nail design. It is as liquid as a nail varnish and as robust as a gel, convinces by its easy application and the long-lasting shine. With UV nail varnishes only a wafer-thin layer is necessary, without the varnished nail appearing transparent and a second “coating” needs.

UV nail polish is an important part of manicure and modern nail design. It serves the refinement of fingernails or toenails and presents itself in the entire palette of colors and color nuances. Due to its durability of up to 3 weeks after application, UV nail polish in nail design has established itself and replaced conventional nail polish. The surface is smooth and shiny, the haptic feeling corresponds to that of a nail gel and the durability ensures permanently beautiful nails. When rinsing, gardening or working, UV nail polish is a deliberate and practical choice due to its properties, as the hands can be used as usual and without worrying about scratches or blunt spots on the nail surface. As UV nail polish requires a UV lamp for curing, it is mainly used in professional nail studios or by creative women with their own light curing device. Drying without the aid of UV light is not possible.

In the case of nail varnish, it is not only the right colour for the individual type that is important, but above all the durability and simplicity of application as well as the scratch-resistant and impact-resistant properties. Here UV nail varnish convinces with numerous advantages and proves to be a nail color, which lasts up to 3 weeks and does not take damage also with the contact with hard objects or rough surfaces. The shine does not diminish when in contact with rinsing water or cleaning agents in the household and ensures constantly beautiful and well-kept nails. The only disadvantage is a higher price than conventional nail polish and the necessity of curing with a UV light device. For the application of the UV nail varnish therefore a higher expenditure of time is necessary than it would be the case with the classical nail varnishing. The advantages outweigh clearly, since women take themselves for the manicure and nail refinement gladly time and try out new ideas with individual as well as trendy colors.

Once you have decided on your desired colour and chosen a nail varnish with UV curing, you are spoilt for choice due to the numerous offers of different brands and manufacturers. The most important criteria for the acquisition are the viscosity of the UV nail polish and the quality, which influences the durability and optics equally. A high-quality and somewhat more price-intensive UV nail varnish usually convinces with better properties and adheres evenly to the nail surface. Cheap alternatives lose their shine after a short time or make the surface look rough and brittle. UV nail polishes with caring properties are becoming more and more popular and are suitable for women who want to combine nail care with refinement and opt for healthy fingernails. To avoid problems during application and curing under the UV unit, the nail varnish should not be too viscous. Test reports and reviews of other buyers are a good help and simplify the decision for a brand that convinces through quality and UV nail polish for the highest demands on durability and resilience manufactures.

TOP 5 UV Nail Polish Bestseller

20 PCS Soak Off UV Led Gel Nail Polish Plain Range - 18 Color Coat n No Wipe Base and Top Coat Starter Gel Nail Kit F997
  • WHAT YOU GET: 18 X Mini Gel shades (5ml./each bottle) + Base and No Wipe Top Coat (8ml./each bottle)
  • WELL-SELECTED 18 COLOR SHADES: No more struggle to decide which colors should to select; gam and glitter nail designs can be freely finished with these vibrant color UV gel.
  • BOTTLES SHOW GEL POLISH COLOR: It gives you the most accurate view when doing gel manicure.
  • DURABLE: Gel color are highly pigmented and long last for 14 days + with No Nicks, Chips or Smudges.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS: "3-Free"- NO formaldehyde, toluene or DBP; Non-toxic formula; Cruelty-free; low smell; which is safe to use.【REMINDER】It will need to be cured under a UV / LED light.
Gellen Classic Elegant Colors UV Gel Nail Polish Set, Pack of 6 Colors
  • PACKAGE: 6 bottles VOLUME: 10ml/bottle.
  • With a proper application, 2 WEEKS+ wearing is attainable.
  • Painting 2 coats that can achieve its true colors.
  • Color performance earned thousands of praises from our nail enthusiasts.
  • REMINDER: Cure under UV/LED nail dryer lamp.
Makartt Crystal Rainbow Jelly Gel Nail Polish 6 Bottles 10 ml Soak Off UV LED Required Gel Rainbow DIY Nail Polish with Gift Box P-08
  • Crystal Beautiful Jelly Gel, A Stunning Set of 'Jelly Shoes' inspired Nails: On like a special crystal and  bright jelly gel builder looking. Our Makartt 6 colors jelly nail polish kit enable us to easily create any simple or special styles by combining jelly gel with any colors gel polish, nail rhinestone or sequins, nail stamping, powders or extension gel etc.
  • 2 Weeks Long Lasting High-Gloss Wearing for The New Gel Polish: With proper application, our jelly shiny gloss can last up to even 2 weeks. Using with durable top coat to strengthen the nails color resistant and keep good tenacity. The crystal shiny nail polish jelly allow us to create vivid nail art in seconds. No Chips or Smudges, not peeling off easily.
  • Jelly Gel Nails Artificial with Various Gel Nail Polishes: Jelly uv led gel nail polish is suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails etc. With jelly crystal clear color characteristics, jelly nail polish set is able to combine with various colorful nail gel polish, extension gel or nail glitter powder to make diversified jelly builder nail finger extension.
  • Simply Create Diversified Colorful Nail Art at Home: Nail salon brings you beauty, and therefore, confidence and happiness. So does Makartt. With Makartt crystal jelly gel nail polish set, you're enabled to freely diy various beautiful and energetic nail art at home. Just save your time, save your money, stay attractive and have fun with friends or families. Perfect for professional salon use or home DIY nail art. Suitable for natural nails, acrylic false nails and french dip powders etc.
  • Quality Guarantee & Professional Service: Makartt offers a 3-month return & refund commitment on gel polish series. For any questions or problems, whatever packaging issue, nail gel polish or application problem, please feel free to contact us. We will be responsible for assisting you to promptly get a solution. Wish Makartt beautify your life.
Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish Kit - Popular Nude Colors Collection, Pack of 6 Colors 8ml Each Nail Gel Set
  • On like polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes. Mirror shine finish
  • With a proper application, 2 WEEKS+ wearing is attainable.
  • Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients, low smell, NON-TOXIC
  • Made from natural resin, wears like gel, good tenacity.
  • REMINDER: Cure under LED/UV light CURE TIME: Average for LED light 30-60 secs, UV light 2-4mins.
Gel Nail Polish for Nails, Soak Off UV Pink Gel Kit Required Gel Base Top Coat LED Nail Lamp
  • Tiny Bottles: Please don't mind! 0.24oz (7ml)/bottle. Sexy Mix Pink Gel Nail Polishes with Nice Package.
  • Pink Colors Series: Necessary pink colors for girls.Perfect for professional salon or at home use.
  • Application: Apply 3 layers to get full color. Need to apply base and top coat, and cured under UV/LED nail dryer lamp.
  • Ingredient: Made of natural resin, healthy ingredients, low smell, non-toxic.
  • Customer Service: Any problem, please contact the seller directly, we offer replacement or refund service.
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