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If you think of protection against UV radiation, the skin comes to mind first. But also the eyes are strongly endangered by the UV radiation. This is especially important if you frequently go to the tanning salon. It is by far not enough to keep your eyes closed on the tanning bed during irradiation. The radiation penetrates the eyelids and can cause conjunctivitis and even lens opacity. The only protection for the eyes is a UV protection goggle solarium, which reliably shields the eyes from the radiation. It is even advisable to buy such safety glasses yourself, as you cannot always be sure of the effectiveness of the models that are distributed in the tanning salon. That is why this issue is worthwhile to purchase protective glasses that offer one hundred percent protection against UV radiation in the solarium.

The UV safety goggles of the different suppliers are very similar. When buying, it is important to make sure that the glasses fit well so that both eyes are completely covered and that the glasses are made of a material that does not allow UV radiation to pass through. Therefore one should attach importance to the fact with the purchase that the sunbed eyeglasses correspond to the European Union guidelines. In this way you can be sure that you have optimum eye protection. Some models come in a practical case, so you can always have them in your pocket and always have them at hand when you visit the tanning bed. Most of these glasses are made of durable plastic that is able to completely absorb UV rays. One difference is in the way the glasses are put on. Some are placed on the face only with the noseband, while others are equipped with a rubber band that is attached behind the head. These glasses are often perceived as more practical because they allow you to move easily without slipping off your face. Some models are also equipped with rubber bands, which can be easily removed on request.

UV safety glasses need not be expensive. One can already get good, CE certified model at very reasonable prices. You can buy the glasses in drugstores or pharmacies or order them online. An excellent model that is simply placed on the nose is the solarium glasses from Art of Sun. Due to the excellent shape of the glasses, ugly eye rims are avoided. The light model lies comfortably on the face without disturbing. These safety glasses can be wonderfully worn in the solarium, but are also suitable for summer days on the beach to protect the eyes from the sunlight. Equally popular is the California Tan Solar protection goggles from Prospecs. This model can be adjusted on the temple and therefore enjoys an excellent fit, with no untanned edges around the eyes. The small microfibre bag that comes with the model is also practical. Also you get a rubber band in the scope of supply, so that you can fix the glasses behind your head. The red solarium safety glasses from Art of Sun are particularly lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is held to the head with a rubber band. These glasses also completely absorb the harmful UV rays.

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