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A vibration plate is a fitness machine that can be used to train well at home. As an alternative to other sports equipment it offers an effective training method. The vibrating plate is not only used at home, but is also used in fitness studios and wellness centres as a time-saving training device with maximum effect.

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Vibration training is a form of training that is used in the fitness sector. Dynamic and static exercises can be performed on the vibrating plate. During training, muscle reflexes are triggered by the rapid succession of vibrations. This causes the muscles to contract and loosen again immediately. Within a minute this process happens over a thousand times. This means that the lower muscles are also included in the training process. This makes this training method especially attractive for women, as the lower muscle groups are important for strengthening the connective tissue.

Anyone who trains with the vibration plate does not have to be a professional athlete. Fitness success can be achieved by amateur athletes as well as professionals or older people. The exercises have different intensity levels, which are freely selectable. So everybody can set his own training level. Vibration training can be used to increase the performance of the muscles of the body. High intensity exercises increase blood circulation. It is also possible to choose a pure relaxation program and a muscle stretching program.

The vibrating exercises train the sense for more balance and also the balance. This improves the posture and the movements become more supple. This unique training method helps to improve athletics. In addition, the strengthening of the musculature counteracts bone resorption. The user of the vibration plate does something for the slim line at the same time. Because with increasing muscle build-up, excess fat is broken down at the same time. In addition, the blood circulation is stimulated, thus increasing the oxygen supply to the body.

Training on the fitness plate can pursue many different goals. The vibrating plate can be used to build muscle tissue or for pure relaxation. With vibration training, muscles can be better supplied with the necessary nutrients. The vibrations can ensure that the body receives the right impulses to increase bone density. Tendons and joints can be stabilized by the constant pulling force exerted on the muscles. On the training plate exercises for more mobility can be carried out, which contributes to the loosening of the musculature.

– the exercises provide for the build-up of the musculature – even the smaller muscles, which are otherwise difficult to reach, are trained – a programme for stretching the muscles is also provided – relaxation exercises are possible

Vibratory plates should have a stable and firm stand. The training device vibrates strongly during operation. The centre of gravity is low for larger machines, so a large training area should be preferred when purchasing. Large training areas make the exercises more pleasant. Training on a small area is also possible. If you have a lot of space available, you should consider choosing a larger training device that offers a high degree of stability.

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