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darkFlash Water Square 5 Black ATX Mid-Tower Desktop Computer Gaming Case USB 3.0 Ports Acrylic Windows with 3pcs LED Fans Pre-Installed
  • HONEYCOMB DESIGN: The honeycomb design and tempered glass material is well combined at the front panel to achieve an impressive gaming style for gamers, especially in PC build with RGB accessories.
  • UPDATE AVALIBLE: User-friendly design is adopted to make it availble to update or expand in PC bulid.
  • INDEPENDENT ENCLOSURE: Independent hard drive layout keeps the power supply and hard drive more effective in thermal solution.
  • HIGH-QUALITY STRUCTURE: 0.5mm SPCC is painted to form the metal structure with impressive beauty.
  • MAGNETIC DUSTPROOF TOP COVER: Top cover adopts magnetic design to prevent chassis from dust and better for cleaning.

Everything for the garden: Water computer Video Guide

A well-tended lawn and magnificently flowering plant beauties are the pride of a hobby gardener. But anyone who nurtures and cares for plants knows how much effort lies in a well-tended green area in front of the house. If the rain lasts longer in the summer, the vacationers are happy about it – but for many hobby gardeners, hours of watering the garden are on the program every day during long periods of heat. Otherwise the plants would be permanently damaged and the work of months and years would be endangered. And what will become of your garden if you want to start the well-deserved summer vacation with the whole family? Maybe you have a nice neighbor or friends who take care of the casting while you're away. Or you can create an irrigation computer that will make the time-consuming casting work in the garden even easier outside the holiday season. Modern technology makes it possible to automate the watering of plants. Computers switch on and off the sprinklers in the garden if necessary. The clever, compact units are installed between the faucet and the hose and can be programmed so that your plants get the right amount of water without you having to worry about it. You no longer have to run around with the watering can between the vegetable beds and if you want to sleep a little longer on Sunday morning, the lawn sprinkler will switch on exactly at the time you have previously set. Almost all manufacturers of gardening and irrigation technology have meanwhile developed irrigation computers. These devices differ not only in the price sometimes quite strong, but there are also differences in ease of use and performance.

The operating principle of irrigation computers is almost always the same in principle. The irrigation computer is connected to the tap. In some devices, the connection is made directly to the piping system by means of a valve. Then the garden hose is connected to the corresponding port on the computer. Directly on the device you can set the desired number of watering cycles and watering times. For most devices, programming is designed to make the operator intuitively do the right thing. Special programming skills are not required. Should there really be any questions, a quick look at the manual or manual will help. If you want to set up several irrigation zones, you need adapters so that the water can be directed to the respective beds or lawns. For simple models, the commands are set using a rotary knob. More comfortable and clearer are displays. When it comes to the number of irrigation cycles and the duration of irrigation, there are differences between the models offered by the trade. For some irrigation computers, two irrigation cycles can be set per day; for others, up to six cycles are possible. During the irrigation period, the span ranges from 1.5 hours to a maximum of ten hours. There are also differences in the type of energy supply. Some devices are battery operated, others draw the required energy from a small solar panel.

Suppose you are planning a three-week vacation on a lonely South Sea island. That the weather at your holiday destination is probably very nice, is pretty sure. Whether it is likely to rain in your home town during your absence, even the best meteorologist can not reliably predict. If you do not want to hire someone to water the garden and prefer to use an irrigation computer, you should upgrade the device. With the help of soil moisture and rain sensors, the irrigation computer can not only work according to your given scheme, but determine for yourself whether the casting is required at all. If he works schematically, it can happen that the computer stubbornly turns on the watering program, even though it rained daily for several hours. The investment in sensors is profitable in any case. The expensive wet will not be wasted and your plant children will also thank you. Because too much water does not get well to plants.

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