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The different bicycle types are designed for different applications. So-called city bikes, also known as city or city bikes, are all-rounders for everyday use and the most widespread. Trekking bikes, also known as men’s bikes, are also designed for city rides and solid, level surfaces. Moutainbikes (MTB) are suitable for off-road riding. Racing bikes are designed for long and fast rides and are suitable for riders with good physical condition. Folding wheels are designed for occasional trips in between and handy transport. All types are available in different sizes to suit the driver’s body size. For children there are special models in child sizes and child-friendly colours. Mix types that combine the characteristics of several genres form a special position.

Pedelecs and e-bikes – a clarification of terms

Bicycles that are supported by electric motors or completely driven hot pedelecs, electric bikes, electric bicycles, electric bikes or e-bikes. Often a supposedly uniform type is associated with these designations. However, there are differences and the motor-assisted bicycles can be divided into two general categories.


Pedelecs are legally considered bicycles. There is therefore no helmet, driving licence or insurance obligation (exception: S-pedelec). In most cases, the engine power is limited to 250 watts and motor support is only provided up to 25 km/h (S-pedelec up to 45 km/h). In addition, the engine supports pedalling, but only partially replaces it, depending on the pedelec type.


Depending on their performance class, electric bicycles are mopeds, mopeds or light mopeds and the relevant statutory regulations apply. The motor can take over the drive on its own with restrictions. The typification corresponds to the bicycles and they are called urban E-Citybikes, E-Bike Cruiser, E-Mountainbike or E-Bike folding bike. Transport of larger and heavier loads is possible with specially designed two-wheeled or three-wheeled electric load wheels.

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