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Although no market is currently developing as fast as the technology market. Almost every day there are innovations on the subject of computers and notebooks

Desktop PC – Lots of power at the touch of a button

If you only want to use your PC in your own home and have as much power as possible for your money, you can’t avoid a classic desktop PC today. Although these require more space on the desk, they are also suitable for complex tasks thanks to effective cooling and modern hardware.

Notebooks & Tablets: Mobile pleasure

Notebooks and tablets have become significantly cheaper in recent years, so that there are beginner notebooks for low demands already for significantly less than 300 euros. However, powerful multimedia and gaming notebooks are also still very popular. In general, the trend is even away from the classic desktop PC, since notebooks can work very efficiently and quickly today, but transport is also possible without any problems. The tablets are also very popular with users today. However, these are usually used as a supplement to the existing notebook or PC. Some models, such as the Surface products from Microsoft or the iPad Pro from Apple, can also be used as a complete replacement for a notebook or computer thanks to practical accessories.