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The DIY market is one of the most frequently visited shops, along with supermarkets and hairdressing salons, all year round. This is because there is always something to do at home or in the garden. Be it by a move (one needs new wallpaper, carpets and utensils for these activities), because the garden is to be redesigned or the old bathroom must give way to a new one. Fortunately, the assortment in a DIY store is huge, they sell everything a craftsman’s heart desires. The umbrella term for this is DIY store article.

Definition DIY store

In terms of area and principle, a DIY store can be compared to a large supermarket. Only the offered goods are not food or clothing, but goods around the topic do-it-yourself and garden. The range extends from nails, drills and glue to wood, doors, sanitary facilities, plants, small animals and Hollywood swings. The DIY stores have gradually adapted to the needs of their customers by adding more DIY store items – with success

Space for the new, a heart for the old

The DIY store offers not only men, but also women a lot of articles. If you want to create space for something new, you can browse the DIY store in the areas of doors, walls, wooden boards and insulating wool, but everyone with a penchant for nostalgic lacquers, paints, planes and foils will find to restore old furniture. And it is not unusual to meet neighbours there to exchange experiences on the subject of DIY articles.