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The topic of “leisure time” comprises various areas, whereby leisure time is initially understood to mean that time which is not associated with wage labour and employment. However, we are talking here about leisure time in the sense of a task: sport on the days off in life

On days off it is a pleasure for most people to renew and experience themselves physically. Sport is a great opportunity here: it’s fun and keeps you young, and it’s usually not expensive if you don’t want to play golf or sail with a yacht in Monaco

Those who do sports during or outside office hours prevent heart attacks and obesity and enjoy life. There are many possibilities and for all generations and sexes: People can cycle in their free time and thus also get to work, so that here the pleasant and the useful are combined with each other. The breaks in the office can also be used for walks or an easy endurance run; fitness equipment is also available in many companies
After work, there are numerous possibilities to take care of your own fitness. It is best to do this in your own four walls or in your own garden. You will find tips for this on this page as well as in specialist shops or on the Internet.