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Electronics has become an indispensable part of our households. At the latest since the end of the 70’s a lot has happened in this field, be it for appliances in the kitchen or for entertainment. Whether televisions, hi-fi systems or computers, the demand for these multimedia devices is constantly increasing. But what is home electronics in the computer sector and which devices are included?

Home-electronics, which is used in the computer sector, belongs to private consumer electronics. These are, roughly translated, electrical appliances that simply serve the entertainment of their users. Entertainment includes watching movies and series, playing PC and online games, playing, editing, and recording sound, music, and speech, as well as devices that use third-party services such as printers, modems, and all connected devices. This home electronics counts due to its versatile application possibilities to the use and entertainment electronics

Another modern category of home electronics is portable devices, which are also used for entertainment. According to various surveys, the most popular representatives of this category are the notebook and the MP-3 player. This is followed by the smartphone, the tablet, mobile game consoles and an e-book reader. With these devices you can play games, talk and talk on the phone, read, watch movies and series, listen to music and edit.