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Installations – Garden and DIY store
The category Installation in gardens and DIY stores usually includes sanitary, lighting and energy generation systems. All professionally installed systems are grouped under Installations. The subcategory Sanitary facilities includes showers, WCs, washbasins, bathtubs and much more. Before buying sanitary facilities, you first have to plan well. It’s not just about buying the next best fancy plumbing. Ambience and style also play an important role in sanitary facilities. Nevertheless, it is important at the beginning of planning to take correct and precise measurements for the new sanitary system. If the dimensions are available, the style of the new installation can be selected next. If you are unsure about the dimensions, style and installation, you should first consult a professional. Energy generation systems are a complicated subject and should be discussed with a professional before buying, especially with regard to ecology and economy. It is important to know which possibilities the house or apartment offers for new installations. In the category lighting systems you have a large selection of lamps in the DIY store. A new, energy-saving lamp is definitely worthwhile and also creates a beautiful living ambience. In general, it is important to plan new facilities well before shopping at DIY stores and garden centers.