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“Own stove is worth its weight in gold”
Usually, when a couple moves in together, the purchase of a kitchen equipment is pending. Then the proverb in the title shows its meaning. Because before buying a kitchen there are a few considerations to consider:
Size of the kitchen area
Financial resources available
The material, optics and equipment possible as a result of this
Own taste

After these considerations it becomes clear how much design possibilities there can be for a kitchen. The question also arises: Is the kitchen only needed for “normal” cooking, or am I a hobby chef? Then details are crucial that make cooking much easier. Well thought-out inserts in drawers and cupboards, easy opening and closing mechanisms save unnecessary handling. In such a kitchen doing it is a pleasure to cook.

The kitchen equipment, from the sink to the last storage space, should be well planned through. In the interplay of the surface of the cupboards and worktops you can define your own colour taste.
Let the specialists for kitchen and household equipment advise you, and in the end you will find yourself in your dream kitchen, which is “worth its weight in gold”.