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Large electrical appliances

Large electrical appliances for the kitchen belong to the group of household appliances known as “white goods”

Electric cookers

The large number of different sizes and designs can be divided into devices that can be installed, submounted or free-standing. They often form a combination of cooking plates and oven. At the same time, however, the hob and oven are also available as separate units. Irrespective of the design, the various technologies of the hobs are designed as glass ceramic (ceran), induction hobs or gas hobs

Refrigerators and freezers

Here, too, there are built-in units and floor units, whereby the power consumption of the floor units is usually lower due to stronger insulation. Both types are available with circulating air system, NoFrost technology and both with and without integrated freezer compartment. Refrigerator-freezer combinations with a separately designed freezer compartment and a separate door are useful for higher freezing requirements. Side-by-side refrigerators provide a high usable volume, but also higher power consumption.

Washing machines and dryers

The two basic variants of washing machines are front loaders and top loaders. Front loaders contain a large porthole on the front for filling and removing the laundry. Top loaders contain a hinged lid instead. If space is limited and a separate tumble dryer is used, it can be placed on or under the washing machine on front loaders. Combinations of washing machine and condensation dryer are referred to as washing dryers. Mini washing machines are available for small quantities.


Substructure models can be integrated into the kitchen unit and built-in models are pushed into a recess of the built-in kitchen. Freestanding devices are quickly installed. Table dishwashers are sufficient for small cleaning quantities, but larger pots do not fit into them.