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Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date News Spoilers Update

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date News Spoilers Update

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date News: Log horizon is a very popular Japanese series. The second season of log horizon has been a hot favorite among viewers and its third season is much awaited for that reason. Log horizon was originally a Japanese novel series that was further adapted as anime series, which was aired on NHK educational TV between 05 October 2013 to 22 March 2014.

The second season of the anime series was aired between 04 October 2014 and 28 March 2015. The anime adaption became so popular among viewers that people are expecting yet another series to be made, and the rumors about the new season have already in the air. People have not heard yet from the production house about the launch of the new season but the suspicions have already started about the release date.

Log Horizon Season 3: We May Soon Get a Sequel?

The anime adaption of science fiction Japanese novel series was written by Mamare Touno and both the seasons of the anime series had 25 episodes each. The anime series of Log horizon season 1 and 2 had also aired in Crunchyroll in North America along with the one in Japan.

Though the producers of this series have not made any announcements yet, you will be pleased to know that the novel series has started publishing again. The 11th volume of the series was published on 20 March 2018 and the storyline continues from the 10th volume. However, the English version of the series is not yet published. The Log Horizon season 3 was delayed due to the troubles that the writer Mamare Touno was in. But now as the writer is back again and has started writing further volumes of log horizon in continuation of previous volumes, the hopes that log horizon season 3 will be coming soon have strengthened among fans.

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The story of log horizon revolves around a boy named Shiroe, who is a hardcore gamer of MMORPG game Elder Tale. The series talks about Shiroe and thirty thousand other gamers like him when the 12th expansion pack of Elder Tale was about to release and suddenly Shiroe and all other gamers got whisked away into the gaming world after the update, thus depicting a science fiction tale. Shiroe realizes that the gaming world is his new reality and he will have to find his friends Akatsuki and Naotsugu to protect all other people. In this way, this socially awkward boy Shiroe turns out to be a warrior in the game by protecting others.

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date News

The log horizon season 3 release date is believed to be going on floors in 2017. The first season of anime series was adapted from the five volumes of novel series. Due to a long delay in the release of log horizon season 3, fans started thinking that there will be no more series aired now, but the producers never clarified that there will be no more series. So with the comeback of the writer Mamare Touno, a ray of hope has again risen among fans for season 3.

The writer has already confirmed in an interview that he has already designed the story for the new volume of his novel and thought something about the conclusion part of this epic series. The delay in series was also due to the lack of content for the new season and the high expectations from fans. The first season had at least 1 million followers and the second season had a whopping one and a half million fans. So we may expect the log horizon season 3 very soon. The date is not announced yet though but we can be assured that it is surely going to come. We are sure that the wait would be worth it as the writer is in search of a gripping content to make your time worth.

History of log horizon novel

The names of all the volumes written till date are as follows along with their original release date in Japanese:

  1. The beginning of another world released on 30 March 2011
  2. The knights of Camelot released on 30 May 2011
  3. Games End, Part 1 released on 31 August 2011
  4. Games End Part 2 released on 30 September 2011
  5. A Sunday in Akiba released on 30 November 2011
  6. Lost child of the dawn released on 30 March 2013
  7. Gold of the Kunie released on 20 December 2013
  8. The Larks take flight released on 29 September 2014
  9. Kanamai, Go! East! released on 27 March 2015
  10. Homesteading the Noosphere released on 30 September 2015
  11. Krusty, Tycoon Lord released on 20 March 2018

As you can see the 11th volume Krusty, Tycoon Lord released on 20 March 2018, stay tuned and keep your curiosity high for the log horizon season 3, it will be aired soon!


We hope they announce the release date of  Log Horizon Season 3 soon. Till then stay tuned for the latest updates about the release date of your favorite anime.