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The field of musical instruments contains a large variation. Since modern times, instruments have been classified according to instruments with strings, instruments with tubes and instruments made of metal (and other sounding materials). In department stores and on online shopping sites, the individual instruments are usually roughly divided into string instruments, keyboard instruments, wind instruments and percussion instruments. Stringed instruments are all instruments that use strings tensioned between two points to produce sound. The category of stringed instruments includes, for example, guitar, violin and ukulele. Among the guitars there are of course the much sought-after electric guitars as well as suitable amplifiers and loudspeakers. Keyboard instruments are easy to classify and identify. In the Keyboard Instruments section you will find, for example, piano, keyboard and electric organs. The organ is a special case. In department stores there are keyboard-like instruments that reproduce the sound of the organ. These can be assigned to the keyboard instruments. The well-known church organs are operated by keys, but the sound is produced by organ pipes. For this reason, the organ was also classified as a tubular instrument in modern times. Wind instruments include the trumpet, trombone and clarinet. In the area play and fun one finds in the column naturally also fun articles like the Vuvuzela. If you like drum sounds or want to buy a drum set, you will find it in the percussion instruments section.