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What could be better than sitting at the table with your family or friends and playing a board game on a convivial evening? Never before has there been a greater range of board games than there is today. The classics like “Mensch ärgere dich nicht”, “Dame”, “Schach” or “Das verrückte Labyrinth” still convince whole generations and are a great pleasure. In addition, there are numerous new variations or imaginative board games, which provide even more good mood. Board games are not only classic board games, but also card games fall into this category. Almost every current cartoon series and every major feature film has its own card and board game that is especially appealing to fans and children. There are also games for all ages. The very small ones can practice their motor skills in memory or with clever baby games in which the senses are challenged. Small children dare to play the first board games or those that encourage learning and playing with larger figures and interactive game elements. Larger children and adults, on the other hand, will enjoy strategy and knowledge games. The large range of games provides a colorful program, from which everyone can choose the appropriate game. Whether alone, in pairs or in a group, these games are a great pleasure for everyone.