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Fit and healthy through running

Sport and a healthy diet are important to stay healthy and fit into old age. Particularly good for the cardiovascular system is active movement through running. Running does not only mean jogging. Walking (Nordic Walking) and trekking are also part of running. If you want to practice these sports, you should invest in good equipment. For the sports of jogging, walking and trekking, high-quality footwear is required. Jogging requires different sports shoes depending on the route and demands. For asphalt roads, terrain or mixed paths, the cushioning and profile of the respective sports shoe must be taken into account. Further important utensils for the jogging area are breathable clothing adapted to the season and pulse watches (fitness trackers). Those who prefer walking (Nordic Walking) as a sport are dependent on high-quality walking sticks and should try before endurance sports whether these lie well in the hand. Breathable clothing and running shoes adapted to the terrain are also a must for this sport. Trekking sets new standards once again and includes days of hiking in partly impassable terrain. Solid hiking footwear is essential for this sport. Water-repellent clothing adapted to the weather is just as much a part of trekking as a suitable backpack and a GPS navigation system or compass.