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Strength Training

Weight training is the term used to describe exercises that serve to increase muscle mass and increase strength. These exercises play an important role in both professional and recreational sports as well as in medical strengthening therapy. For the exercises to be effective, sufficient protein must be supplied to the body during and after training. Because the metabolism must receive the necessary stimulus for the strength and muscle build-up. Bodybuilders must therefore adhere to a strict diet plan that is aligned with the training plan. The increased intake of protein promotes fat loss and shapes the muscles beneath the fat deposits. Metabolism is also promoted by training frequency and training intensity

Strength training exercises are designed to be based on repetitions of the exercise or certain exercise sequences. Individual muscle parts as well as certain muscles can be trained. Typical exercises include knee bends, crucifixion, pull-ups and shoulder presses and rowing, but also bench presses and dips. The basic exercises are repeated accordingly or can be combined as often and alternately as desired, depending on the training plan. Auxiliaries such as dumbbells are used for the so-called insulation exercises. This includes the arm bend and the arm stretching. Training with weights was already practiced by the ancient Greeks.