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When spring lets its “blue ribbon” flutter again
Every year in spring many hobby gardeners are drawn to their garden. Whoever starts with this for the first time should be told here that gardening can also be bone work. But with the right tools, some jobs can be made easier. Also one should inform oneself in advance in suitable technical literature, if one would like to put on a garden, all the same which kind, again.

Experts are of the opinion that a solid basic equipment costs about 100 EUR.
In the meantime, almost every DIY store has affiliated a garden centre in which appropriate tools for gardening are offered.
Online DIY stores also offer this service.

Before purchasing tools, you should bear in mind that different tools are needed for a kitchen garden than for an ornamental garden. You should also believe the expert and pay attention to good quality. Because tools for gardening are often exposed to heavy loads
It should also be noted that there are permanently mounted tools and those with exchange systems that are connected with screws or click fasteners.

And when the gardening season is over, it thanks the tool with longer durability if it can spend the winter cleaned and oiled in the shed.