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Water sports

Water sports can be practised in water, on water or under water. It is particularly suitable as a leisure activity in summer. It can also be used as a club sport, so that you can train regularly and take part in competitions.

Water sports that can be practised in the water include swimming, diving, high diving and water polo. Among those you practice on the water are: Canoeing, rowing, sailing and water skiing
Underwater diving, recreational diving and underwater rugby are available.

Water sports are just as popular on holiday by the sea. So you can snorkel with the fishes, go for a swim or go water skiing and enjoy the view
But this also works in winter. For this there are indoor swimming pools or special facilities, which for example make a dive possible

Over the years, this type of sport has developed and redefined itself, so that it has become very diverse and has something for every target group, whether you practice it in, on or under water.