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  • -Single-sided printing,clean and tidy
  • -Ideal for talking reading book and watching TV on your sofa
  • -Adds holiday cheer and comfort to any bedroom, guest room,...

Show your feet – but who has unattractive horny skin, hesitates in summer to put on open sandals. Fortunately, there are all kinds of remedies for horny feet. But how does corneal ablation actually work? And can cornifications really be creamed away just like that? We have compiled information about anti-corneal cream for you to make your purchase decision easier.

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The cornea is a thickened area of the skin that often occurs on the heels and soles of the feet. It forms when the skin is exposed to friction or pressure for long periods of time. The upper skin layer reacts to these external influences with an increased production of cornea. It is a normal protective reaction of the skin. It appears as a yellowish thickening and is not painful. However, permanent pressure or mechanical irritation can lead to cracks in the cornea. The formation of horny skin on the feet is favoured by dry skin and uncomfortable footwear. Anyone who stands or walks in unsuitable shoes for a long time promotes the formation of the ball of the foot, the heel and the lateral edges of the foot. The tendency to dry skin increases with age. Also foot malpositions favor the emergence of cornea.

Anti-callus creams contain active ingredients that address the problem in two ways. On the one hand, urea, also known as urea, binds moisture in the horny skin. This moisture makes the skin more flexible. The second active ingredient is salicylic acid. It is used to loosen the cornification. Salicylic acid acts like a peeling and ensures that the cornea is removed over time. Those who want to remove the cornea from their feet should be patient: a thick cornea does not grow overnight, and it takes time for it to disappear again. For the anti-corneal cream to work, the active ingredients urea and salicylic acid should each be contained with five to ten percent. A ten percent urea cream cares for the skin and keeps it supple. With ten percent salicylic acid, the skin’s tendency to cornification can not only be reduced: The cream can also be used preventively. There is no danger that the active ingredients will attack healthy skin.

Anyone who suffers from very severe cornification and needs a higher dosage of the active ingredients should choose products from the pharmacy. However, these are prescription medical devices from a certain active ingredient content and are not freely available for sale.

If you want to fight a little cornea on your feet or prevent a new formation, anti cornea creams are well suited. In case of severe corneal formation, with which the cream can no longer cope, the chiropodist is a good place to go. However, if cracks, so-called rhagades, form in the horny areas, the way to the dermatologist is unavoidable. Rhagades are caused by an overstretching of the dry cornea and heal only very slowly. Anti-corneal creams can delay the healing of these cracks and even promote infection. They should therefore not be applied in this case.

When a strong corneal layer is present, many patients like to use pumice stone or a corneal plane. However, this mechanical method of removal poses dangers. Because cornea is formed to protect the foot from mechanical irritation, it is precisely the use of these agents that can promote further production of cornea. Those who observe this effect should discontinue treatment and consult a professional chiropodist. The visit to a dermatologist can also be recommended if the known remedies do not help. If you want to prevent callus formation, you should pay attention to suitable footwear to avoid pressure points. Walking barefoot in the sand or grass is also healthy for your feet. Relaxing foot massages and rich foot creams complete the preventive programme.

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