Best Aqua Make-up

Aqua make-up is suitable for face and body painting. It is simply applied with a brush or a damp sponge and dries quickly to a resilient and firm film. The Aqua Make-up lasts for several hours, is insensitive to friction and even withstands moisture and heavy loads for a short time. The high-quality make-up is well tolerated and can be used by both children and adults. In the trade the Aqua make-up is offered by different manufacturers and in many different colors.

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Aqua make-up can be purchased in the form of individual colours as well as in the form of larger complete sets. In addition, there are all common colors. The Aqua make-up comes from different manufacturers and differs in terms of colors, composition and price. In the sets there are 6 to 24 colours and additionally suitable brushes. The larger sets contain more than just a brush. With this the Aqua make-up can be applied very simply and without exercise. The sets contain the most important colors, such as blue, red, yellow, green, black and white. 30 ml Aqua Make-up is enough for an average of one and a half bodies or 50 faces. If individual colours of Aqua Schminke are required, they contain either 1.5 ml or 3.5 ml content. Due to the wide range of different colours, an existing make-up set can easily be supplemented or extended. Due to the large selection of different colours, children and adults need some time until they find a suitable Aqua make-up.

Before purchasing Aqua Make-up, buyers should take a close look at the various products. The make-up must be water-soluble, free of perfume and gluten. No incompatible or dangerous substances may be used. If this is the case, Aqua Make-up is also suitable for children with more sensitive skin. In comparison to the usual make-up colours, which are produced on fat basis, the Aqua make-up is much gentler and can also be removed much easier again. Buyers should make sure that the strict EU cosmetic guidelines are adhered to during the production of Aqua Make-up. The make-up should be easily removed with water and soap. The individual colours should be bright and clearly distinguishable from each other. In most cases more than one colour is needed for make-up, so it makes more sense to buy a set of several colours. In a direct comparison, a make-up set is always cheaper than the individual colours. The bigger the set, the lower the price of the Aqua make-up and the more possibilities children and adults have when dressing up. The compact Eulenspiegel make-up set consists of the 6 most important colours, each with 3.5 ml content. The colours are in a robust metal box and contain no perfumes. In the scope of supply of the make-up set is still a suitable make-up brush. The Eulenspiegel make-up palette consists of a total of 24 colours a 3.5 ml. These are water-soluble, gluten-free and perfume-free. The colours are in a sturdy box and can be stored safely there. With the 3 brushes the Aqua make-up can be easily applied. The Aqua Make-up by Hesse und Voormann is sold in a practical box with 12 colours. In detail they are cosmetic make-up colours that comply with the strict EU cosmetics guidelines. The colours can be easily removed by washing with water and soap.