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A well-kept plot also includes a well-tended lawn, which is often the figurehead of the entire garden. But quickly comes up the question of which lawnmower it should be. The most well-known device is the petrol lawn mower. He is the all-rounder among the lawnmowers. It makes it possible to mow the lawn independently of a power outlet.

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The petrol lawn mower is built like a normal device. The difference, however, is that it is an internal combustion engine powered by gasoline. In the electric or cordless lawnmower, however, this is done by electricity. No need to use a power source offers advantages and makes the petrol lawn mower so popular. This makes it possible to work in a large garden, in front of or behind the house with the mower, even where no outlet is available. Basically, it makes sense to choose a gas mower from an area of ​​about 400 m². From this garden size, it is too strenuous with a simple electric lawnmower and too expensive due to the cable or the battery life. The petrol lawnmower also has ergonomic features as well as the other devices. The more power the lawnmower applies, the more precise the knife of the device will be made to rotate. At the same time, this means that the grass clippings are all the more accurate. Recommended is the following lawn mower:

This gasoline lawnmower works reliably, is robust and durable. It is suitable for land up to 1,000 m2 and impresses with the professional tool from Makita. The ergonomic handle system ensures comfortable maneuvering. The solid and stable mower housing is made of sheet steel. Also of advantage are the centrally adjustable cutting height, the nylon grass catcher with the sturdy hardtop and the fixed bottom plate.

The biggest advantage of the petrol lawnmower, of course, is that no power source is required. The mower is filled with gasoline and immediately the work can begin. In addition, a petrol engine is useful if the lawn is kept a little longer or allowed to grow higher. Electric lawnmowers can easily reach their limits here, while the petrol lawn mower has no difficulties with it. These devices are very powerful compared to electric or battery lawnmowers, making them suitable for difficult terrain and large lawns. A strong engine provides the necessary drive of the wheels and a consistent cut, even in high and wet grass. Within a short time can be mowed with a gasoline lawn mower much area.

First of all, the size of the lawn is crucial, which has to be mowed. In addition to strong engine performance, ergonomics also plays a significant role. If the handles are ergonomically shaped, a longer mowing of the lawn is possible without causing pain. If the lawn is large, the volume of the catch bag should also be taken into account. If it is too small, it must be constantly emptied.

Many people who have a property with a large lawn, use the gasoline lawn mower and do not want to miss this. In general, the device brings much more power than a lawnmower that is powered by electricity. In addition, the annoying cable is saved, because it must always be ensured that it is not severed. Even long, dense and wet grass is usually mowed by a gasoline mower without problems.

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