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Bicycles are not an invention of modern times, but have been inspiring for decades. It is therefore not surprising that bicycles are one of the most popular means of transport today. A few decades ago, however, the rear derailleurs were also introduced. That means you always had to drive in one gear before, unimportant, whether uphill or downhill. That could be very exhausting or she couldn’t build up speed. With the bicycle rear derailleurs this was a thing of the past. Roughly speaking, a distinction is made between three types of rear derailleur, whereby there are considerably more concepts today

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The derailleur is the most popular type of derailleur on the market. Many different bikes use this bike gear. The function behind it is very simple. A chain always runs over two sprockets. One sprocket is attached to the rear wheel hub, the other to the crank. Depending on the size of the sprockets/chainrings, the transmission ratio of the bicycle is different. You can vary the size with the gear change. Normally, the gear rim at the rear wheel scar has seven to eleven pinions. The crank, on the other hand, has two to three chainrings. Of course the two gear levers on the handlebars should not be missing. You can use these levers to adjust the sprockets to select a higher or lower gear. The lower the gear, the harder it is to pedal the bike.

The hub gears are often found on city and touring bikes. In this bicycle rear derailleur you can see a kind of gearbox on the rear wheel, mounted directly in its hub. Normally you will get between three and eight gears. But there are also exceptions that allow twelve gears. In addition, there is the hub gear with and without backpedal. The gears are shifted via a twist grip switch on the handlebar. As soon as this is actuated, the chain moves over two chain rings via a hub gear. The advantage is that the chain cannot jump off with the hub gears

A little more exotic is the gear change. In the bottom bracket area of the bicycle you will find a kind of transmission, like in a car. The gearbox is in an oil bath. The great advantages of gear shifting are that it is very low-maintenance, effective and noiseless. As a rule you will find a gear shift on mountain bikes, but even here they are a rarity

The intended use determines which bicycle rear derailleur you should choose. For mountain bikes you should prefer the derailleur system. A derailleur with two to three front chainrings and seven to ten rear chainrings is sufficient. For Enduro and All Mountain bikes a 1 x 11 drive makes sense. Classic hub gears are not recommended. This is all the better for city and trekking bikes. So for all bicycles, where you do not ride too steep inclines. You should use a hub gear especially for driving in the city or in the country. After all, they are considered to be low-maintenance and reliable. You can actually do without a gear shift mechanism. Although it has some advantages, the price and the rarity quickly make a difference.

It must not be a mechanical bicycle switchgear, but there are also electrical alternatives. Currently they are on the advance and are inspiring more and more. For electric bicycle rear derailleurs you need suitable batteries and cables inside. Many bicycle manufacturers allow these to be elegantly integrated into the frame. The highlight of the electronic version is that you can change gears almost effortlessly. In addition, extremely precise switching operations can be made possible. Electronic bicycle rear derailleurs are usually more susceptible to this. In addition, there is the high price, because you pay considerably more for the electronics. It is also not possible to retrofit every bike.

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KCNC SXX1 Mountain MTB Bicycle Bike Rear Derailleur Oversized Pulley Wheel System Cage OSPW for Sram Eagle XX1/X01/GX/NX Mechanical 12 Speed use in Black/Gold/Red Pulley Colors
  • WHY USING OVERSIZED PULLEY WHEEL CAGE-Upgrade your drivetrain for ultimate efficiency and superior performance.KCNC Wheel Bearings reduce friction, which gives you a lower rolling resistance.Upgrading your wheel bearings to oversized pulley will maximize the return you get from your energy.KCNC oversized pulley cage reduce friction and increases resistance to contamination and corrosion.
  • THE EFFICIENCY OF OSPW-The Oversized Pully Wheel(OSPW) system reduces friction in the pulleys by 45 % and for your optimised performance.The overall power savings of the OSPW System for Sram red/force reach 30%-60%, or more in some cases, over a stock setup.
  • NARROW WIDE PULLEY&DURABLE CHAIN RETENTION-The OSPW for SRAM Eagle Mechanical features a narrow wide tooth profile to ensure durable chain retention.The system consists of Top 14t & Bottom 16t alloy pulley wheels fitted with low friction bearings and a lightweight cage made from 7075 Alloy.Coated bearings prolong the lifetime even further.The oversized pulley wheels have 3-5 times longer lifetime than the commonly used standard pulleys on the market.
  • COMPATIBILITY-The OSPW system is compatible with Sram Eagle XX1/X01/GX/NX Mechanical 12 speed rear derailleur.The Oversized Pulley Wheels System has been proven to be the fastest pulley system in the world, providing energy savings starting from 2.4 watts.Almost have the same efficiency ratio with Ceramicspeed.
  • SPECIFICATION-Top Pully :14T with sealed bearing / Bottom Pully :16T with sealed bearing / Matiral : AL7075 Fully CNC/ Color:Black,Red,Gold available / Weight : approx.71grams / For Sram Eagle XX1/X01/GX/NX Mechanical 12 speed rear derailleur use.
SRAM GX Bicycle Rear Derailleur with 2 x 11 Speed Long Cage, Black
  • GX provides the widest 2x11 gear range available
  • The GX 2x11 rear derailleur provides incredible shifting speed and precision
  • X-ACTUATION technology eliminates slop and shifting variation
  • ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH technology delivers maximum drivetrain stability
  • With CAGE LOCK technology, wheel removal and installation are easier than ever

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