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A term that is gaining more and more ground among people: Citybike. The healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to the car when you need to go shopping or make an appointment. But what’s the difference? What must be considered when buying? And which wheels are recommended?

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First of all, the construction is simpler and yet fully roadworthy. A Citybike is therefore equipped with all basic equipment such as lights (front and rear), a blade and fender as well as a luggage carrier. In addition, the Citybike is considered to be the cheapest variant among bicycles. Gear changes can vary, usually from 3 to 7 gears on average. Most bikes also have a so-called back pedal brake, where the bike is slowed down by pedalling backwards. As the name suggests, a city bike is suitable for city dwellers. For example for working people, pupils, people in general who often have to drive through the city, where the car or public transport becomes too expensive or too annoying. The Citybike is not suitable for other places, such as forest or landscape trips, for this would be more suitable mountain bikes. But how do you recognize a good city bike when you buy it?

As already mentioned, a Citybike should be provided with all basic equipment and therefore be roadworthy. Therefore, these individual points should be reviewed first. Does the light work? Are the brakes in perfect working order? Everything fits perfectly and nothing comes loose? These features are especially important when you decide to buy a used bike. In the case of new goods, a retailer of trust should be chosen, where the service is qualitative and reputable. When it comes to the light, you could also pay attention to what it is powered by. By self propulsion, battery or solar, this is important if the light sometimes does not work. In general, you have to familiarize yourself with the bike in advance and not buy it indiscriminately. What some retailers recommend is to wear appropriate clothing when buying. Anyone who needs a city bike for work in the office will hardly wear shorts on the saddle. Different clothes, different feeling on the saddle. Also check the adjustment of saddle and steering wheel, whether it can be adjusted, is comfortable in posture or rather uncomfortable. It’s better to take a lot of time with you in these cases. You don’t choose a good bike within five minutes. What is particularly important: the price. The higher the demands, the higher the price. If you also purchase over the Internet, be sure to check the warranty and refund. After all, it is more difficult to test a bicycle over the Internet than in a shop.

Probably the most popular form of city bike is the Holland bike, where comfort plays an important role, more than speed. They are therefore ideal for shopping or leisurely tours on flat ground. In addition, they are known for their robustness and high quality, which is why they can last for many years (of course with proper care). In addition, the Holland wheel offers easy handling and gear shifting, which makes it all in all uncomplicated. The Holland wheel is well suited for comfortable riders, but also for seniors who can no longer perform well due to their joints. Example products are Ortler Detroit or ONUX. Other recommended Citybikes, which have scored very well in test comparisons, are the following: – KCP Urbano – KS Cycling Single Speed Essence – Winora Aruba

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