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Thigh snaffles are similar in their function to the gag snaffle, which is mainly and primarily used with horses. For diseases or sensitivities in the mouth, it is advisable to refrain from the classic gag snaffle and instead refer to a thigh snaffle. Depending on the requirement, the thigh bridles can be selected single or double broken. The materials are robust, the performance is specifically adapted to the body of the horse and a bridle is chosen which is used especially for young or older horses with mouth problems. The cheek teeth are not affected in these models and you can get your horse used to wearing a bridle without it feeling restricted in its mobility and well-being. Anyone familiar with water snaffles will have an insight into the functionality and effect of the thigh or toggle snaffle and can draw a direct comparison between the snaffles. Quality is the most important selection criterion, since only a high-quality thigh snaffle fulfils its purpose and has a positive effect on the habituation and guidance of the horse.

The thigh snaffle works in principle like a water snaffle, whereby it is more gentle and thus optimally suitable for getting used to it. Generally, thigh bridles are suitable for young horses, but also for older or problem horses. Horse owners discuss contrary to this the differences between single and double broken models, which work differently and therefore offer different functions. In order for the thigh snaffle to fulfil its purpose and fit the horse in question, the size must be chosen correctly and matched to the horse’s mouth. Difficult horses are easier to lead with a thigh snaffle because they do not feel disturbed by this bit and therefore react more easily to the rider. The thighs prevent the snaffle from slipping during jerky movements in the mouth, which can lead to injuries and damage to the teeth. The term “thigh snaffle” stands for the classic gag snaffle, which was already one of the most frequently chosen snaffles for show jumpers in the past and which convinced with its performance in use.

Thigh bridles have several advantages and can be selected in two different versions. As they are also available in different sizes, the thigh snaffle can be specifically adapted to the size of the horse and a choice can be made that fits the mouth and convinces with a perfect fit. In contrast to other snaffles, the thigh snaffle is suitable for young horses and unaccustomed snaffles, but also for older animals with mouth impairments. The thighs prevent slipping and are therefore an important contribution to maintaining dental health and avoiding inflammation in the mouth. There are no disadvantages in choosing the right size and optimum use, which makes thigh bridles extremely popular in equestrian sports and one of the most frequently chosen bridles in education and equestrian sports.

It is best to follow the recommendations of other horse owners and compare the various offers for thigh bridles. The high-quality and corrosion-resistant properties of the material as well as good workmanship are the two most important criteria when purchasing. A price comparison is also possible, as thigh bridles present themselves in very different ratios of price and performance. Horse forums are a helpful guide to breaking away from manufacturers’ advertising messages and making a deliberate decision. The reviews by horse owners do not only give information about the quality, but also give an insight into the handling and the characteristics in use. Cheap thigh bridles are just as high quality as the numerous offers presented at very high prices.

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