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  • 【Extreme Accuracy】: The Dr.meter Fishing Scale can weigh...
  • 【Bonus Built-in Tape】: Maybe you also want to know the...
  • 【Stainless Steel Hook】: Crafted from premium stainless...
  • Waterproof/Floating Digital Scale – The KastKing MadBite...
  • Lightweight, Durable handle – High strength ABS handle is...
  • Dual Mode Digital Weight Measurements – Quickly and...
  • 【Extreme Accuracy】: The Dr.meter Fishing Scale can weigh...
  • 【Bonus Built-in Tape】: Maybe you also want to know the...
  • 【Stainless Steel Hook】: Crafted from premium stainless...
  • Water resistant construction with ergonomic body design for...
  • Stores and averages up to 10 weights in memory with...
  • Display in lbs/oz or kg
  • More than just a fishing scale - Data hold ON to weigh a...
  • Authentic quality - Our fish scales digital weight uses 8mm...
  • Comfortable to use - 3” rubberized handle allows all your...
  • MORE THAN A SCALE: The Fish Logger records weight up to 50...
  • VALUABLE PHONE APP: The scale can communicate with a phone...
  • LOG DATA: With the app, the scale is capable of recording...

A fishing scale is a useful accessory in the fishing case. Although an angler’s scale is not one of the items of equipment that an angler must carry with him on the water, it is needed if the weight of the catch is to be documented. Many anglers not only keep accurate records of the size of their catches in order to be able to prove them to the authorities, they also record the weight of each catch for their own or club-internal record lists. Angler scales are available in two different versions. The various models differed in particular with regard to the measurement method used. Simple fishing scales work according to the principle of a spring scale. Angler scales, which perform electronic measurements and show the result on a digital display, are a whole lot more accurate.

Our Top Fishing scales Pick

Dr.meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale, 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale with Measuring Tape, 2 AAA Batteries Included
  • 【Extreme Accuracy】: The Dr.meter Fishing Scale can weigh both small and large catches alike, from a mere 0.2 lbs. to a jaw dropping 110 lbs.! The state of the art weight sensor provides precise measurements and can convert from lb. to oz. or kg.
  • 【Bonus Built-in Tape】: Maybe you also want to know the length of your catch besides weight. We've got it covered! The included measuring tape is ideal for measuring items in either cm or ft. (up to 3 ft.).
  • 【Stainless Steel Hook】: Crafted from premium stainless steel, the large and durable hook concealed in the back slot is convenient for you to hook up and remove from fish's mouth, luggage and everything in between.
  • 【Endless Possibility】: The Dr. meter Electronic Fishing Scale boasts the specialized functions like weighing unit conversion, data lock, and auto-off function, definitely good news to the amateur and avid fishermen alike!
  • 【On-the-go Tool】: Go easy on your hands even after long-term use. This lightweight and portable comes with a built-in carrying strap for easily carrying and using. Better yet, we've included 2 AAA batteries for your convenience.

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The simplest fishing scales are spring scales. They usually consist entirely of metal. A scale is stamped or engraved on the front. On the back there is a spring with a bolt in the middle. The bolt is attached to the top of the spring, protrudes downwards from the spring and is formed into a hook at the bottom. The caught fish is hung on the hook of the bolt to determine the weight. Then the fish is lifted with the scale, so that the fish hangs freely in the air. The weight of the fish compresses the spring via the bolt. The heavier the fish, the stronger the spring is compressed. A pointer connected to the spring indicates the weight of the fish on the scale. However, this measurement method is not very accurate. On the one hand, high demands are placed on the accuracy of the spring force; on the other hand, the scale is often not easy to read. Intermediate values cannot be read. Nevertheless, the feather scales are sufficiently accurate to give an overview of the total weight of fish caught in one day. An interesting alternative to the conventional angler scales with straight scale is the angler scale of the Mannesmann brothers. The weight indication on this scale can be read relatively accurately using an analog display with a round dial and red pointer. The maximum load of this scale is 22 kg.

Digital fishing scales have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their ease of use and higher accuracy. The digital trolleys consist of a robust plastic housing in which the electronics for the measurement and the battery are located. A loop or metal hook is attached to the upper end of the scale, which can be used to hang the scale in a suitable place or to lift it manually. At the lower end of the housing there is a hook like at the spring scales. The weighing process is the same as for spring scales. The weight of the fish is shown on a large and easy to read display in the front of the housing. Many scales indicate the weight of the fish to within 10 grams accurately. The digital fishing trolleys require a battery for operation, but the power consumption is so low that the battery only needs to be replaced after several years.

Fish weighing up to 40 kg and other things can be measured with the digital fishing scale from led24-discount to an accuracy of 10 grams. The weight is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display. The display can be in grams or kilograms, among other things. When choosing an angler’s scale, you should also consider which fish you want to weigh with it. For the passionate trout angler, an angler’s scale that accurately measures fish weighing up to 10 kg is certainly sufficient. For other target fish, such as carp, a higher measuring range up to 30 or 40 kg is recommended. If you need more or less only a rough indication of the weight, you will be well served with an inexpensive spring scale. For all other requirements a digital fishing scale should be used.

TOP 5 Fishing scales Bestseller

KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale with No-Puncture Lip Gripper. Dual Mode - Pounds/Ounces & Kilograms. 0-50 Lbs/22.68 Kg, Lightweight ABS Frame, Non-Slip Handle.
  • Waterproof/Floating Digital Scale – The KastKing MadBite digital scale is both waterproof and it floats! Never lose another scale if dropped into the water with this durable and floating digital scale. Waterproof design keeps it functioning well in all weather conditions.
  • Lightweight, Durable handle – High strength ABS handle is strong and light weight and features TPR non-slip sides which give you a firm grip when weighing you’re catch. The wide handle opening makes it easy to hold for any hand size, with or without gloves and the scale weighs only 5.6 ounces.
  • Dual Mode Digital Weight Measurements – Quickly and accurately weigh your catch in pounds and ounces from 0-50 lbs or easily convert to Kilogram measurements from 0-22.68 Kilograms. There is also a memory function where you can store up to 9 different weights so can refer to them at any time.
  • Easy Storage and Transport – The scale is 10.23” long x 3.14” wide x 1.27” thick and weighs only 5.6 ounces. It has a stainless-steel hook for quickly weighing fish which is 2.36” long and includes a No-Puncture lip gripper that allows you to weigh fish without puncturing the jaw.
  • No-Puncture Lip Gripper Included – Includes a No-Puncture Lip Gripper clamp that can be used separately or with the scale for quick and easy weight measurements after landing fish and before release or placement in a livewell. Batteries are included!
Fishfun Fish Scale, 110lb/50kg Digital Hanging Luggage Bow Fishing Scale, with Rubber Paint, Tape Measure, Pounds & Ounces, Hold ON/OFF, Peak/Max, AAA Batteries Included
  • 【Uncompromising Accuracy】- Fishfun fishing scale uses 8mm thicken aluminum alloy as the sensor to ensure accurate and consistent measuring from 0.2 lbs to 110 lbs. Accurate to 1/10th of a pound or in 20g increments. Measures in kg, lb, lb:oz.
  • 【Easy to Use】 - 3” rubberized handle allows all your fingers to grip firmly; Rotary handle with precise sensor makes it fast to register the exact weight, even when lifting heavy items; Large and strong hook concealed in the back slot is convenient for you to hook up fish mouth, luggage handle.
  • 【More Than A Fishing Scale】 - The fish scales digital weight has 3 modes: 1.Hold function to weigh a static load such as a bass, luggage; 2.Hold function also could be turned off to continually track a weight; 3.Peak/Max mode to verify your compound bow draw weight or exercise bands weight.
  • 【Power Saving】 - Improved power saving circuit combined with stable working voltage to make the digital scale last for 120 hours at non-backlight condition; Switch off after 1 minute of inactivity; The provided 3 AAA batteries last long.
  • 【User-friendly】- Over load, low battery indication, zero, tare, auto-off, hold function; Largest backlight LCD display; Battery storage cover screwed in the back of the digital scale, never worry about it falling out or lost.
Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fish Scale, 50-Pound
  • Water resistant construction with ergonomic body design for comfort while weighing fish
  • Stores and averages up to 10 weights in memory with auto-save function
  • Display in lbs/oz or kg
  • Eliminates fish spooking scents such as gasoline and food
    Remove fish handling odors from hands and tackle
    Safe on hands, tackle, coolers, etc.
    Carabiner included
  • Auto-save function automaticlly stores weight to memory
FishLogger Fish Logger Digital Fish Scale, with Bluetooth Capabilities and Free App
  • MORE THAN A SCALE: The Fish Logger records weight up to 50 pounds and is equipped with a stainless steel lip gripper and retractable tape measure
  • VALUABLE PHONE APP: The scale can communicate with a phone app using a Bluetooth connection to record the data you collect about your catch
  • LOG DATA: With the app, the scale is capable of recording the location, weather, wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase, time, and date of your catch
  • CREATE A DATABASE: This wealth of information helps you build a database of your catches so you can make informed decisions on when and where to fish
  • SHARE YOUR SUCCESS: The scale and phone app work together to take photos of your trophy fish with a camera control button on the scale
Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales Grip Grabber Professional Fish Holder Stainless Steel Fish Lip Grabber Fish Lip Grip Tool with Weight Scale and Measuring Tape
  • High quality strong corrosion resistant stainless steel tube and jaw
  • Retractable tape measure attached at the jaw
  • Easy to use, designed for simple one-handed operation
  • Non-slip comfortable EVA handle with adjustable wrist-strap, convenient to carry
  • Weight capacity:15KG; Suit for kinds of fishing, great usability

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