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Biotin Hair Growth Serum Advanced Topical Formula To Help Grow Healthy, Strong Hair Suitable for Men and Women of All Hair Types Hair Loss Support By Pureauty Naturals (Pack of 2)
  • Promote Healthy Hair Growth, The Smart Way - Thicker, stronger, more healthy-looking hair is not just a matter of genetics, its a matter of nutrition too. With this wonderful biotin hair strengthening serum, you can finally help give yourself the dense and lustrous hair you always wanted.
  • See What The Power Of Biotin Can Do For You - The secret of the serum strength lies in its proprietary formula. By combining biotin, D Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Pisum Sativum Pea Sprout Extract, and other active ingredients and nutrients, it provides a follicle boosting effect that can assist in the retention and growth of natural, healthy-looking hair.
  • Premium Quality Ingredients - When it comes to our beauty and health care products, we firmly believe there is no room for cutting corners. That is why we make a point of using nothing but the finest, naturally sourced ingredients.
  • Easy To Incorporate Into Your Daily Hair Care Routine - For the best results, apply to slightly damp hair after washing or rinsing. Work a quarter-sized amount of product into palms and massage into your scalp, working from root to tip of hair using your fingertips. Sit back and relax as your hair fully absorbs the serum and all the nutrients that come along with it.

Beauty: Hair Medication Video Guide

When it comes to hair, we usually think of our head hair. However, they are only one part of the hair of the head, albeit a large part, which also includes eyebrows and beard hair. The term body hair includes, for example, axillary hair and pubic hair. We also find hair on arms, in the male chest area and on the legs. In addition to remedies with special active ingredients, some of which are available in pharmacies and on prescription, medicines for hair also include hair care products. Depending on the disease or problem with the respective hair, a targeted use of very effective hair medication is necessary. Our main hairs are probably the most central of all our hair types. Not only in the case of women do they have a strong influence on the personal appearance of the respective person. If hair becomes thinner or even falls out completely, this often brings with it psychological problems as well as cosmetic ones. There are three different types of hair loss (more than 100 hairs per day): hereditary, circular or diffuse. The next paragraph informs about this.

Hormonal, hereditary hair loss is widespread in men, but also occurs in women. Hormone changes, mostly in connection with age or pregnancy, are usually the trigger for hair loss. The sex hormone testosterone (dihydrotestosterone) as well as the body’s own enzyme 5 alpha reductase and the body’s own sex hormone-like 17 alpha estradiol play a role in this. By inhibiting the 5 alpha-reductase, for example, the prescription Propecia (active ingredient finasteride), taken as a tablet, can stop hair loss. Minoxidil, another substance against hair loss, has been shown to promote blood circulation according to previous findings. Applied as a tincture to the scalp, the active ingredient stimulates hair follicles to better growth. Regaine is a typical medication for circular hair loss, the cause of which is suspected to be a disturbance of the immune system, and treatment with gluco-corticoid or zinc preparations is recommended.

Dietary supplements also belong to the field of hair drugs. For example, capsules containing amino acids (e.g. L-arginine), trace elements (e.g. selenium, copper) and vitamins (A,C,E). Such hair medications, such as Amitamin or Hair plus, are very popular with women, also for hormone-related hair loss. Priorin capsules offer micronutrients and L-cysteine, for example. Such aforementioned drugs promote the growth of hair roots. Special shampoos with the ingredient salicylic acid can, for example, loosen dandruff from hair and scalp. If hair loss is due to iron deficiency, chelated iron (iron bisglycinate) can help. Armpit hair infected with bacteria such as Trichomycosis palmellina or Corynebacteria can be well treated with the antiseptic polyhexanide. Unfortunately, head lice still belong to the unwelcome visitors of children’s hair in kindergartens and schools. In adults, they like to attack the armpit hairs. Agents with active ingredients such as alletrin, lindane or pyrethrum, as gel, solution or spray on the market, kill the pests by damaging their nervous system. The remedies of choice, however, are physically active preparations containing dimethicone (silicone oil). As with all medications, hair medications unfortunately have some side effects from time to time. These are usually harmless, such as burning or irritation on the scalp. It is advisable to follow the instructions for use and package inserts carefully. It can also be useful to ask your family doctor or dermatologist for advice on non-prescription hair medicines. When buying such medicines, always pay attention to good brand quality!

TOP 5 Hair Medication Bestseller

IPL Hair Removal for Women, 999999 Flashes Hair Removal & Ice Compress Permanent Painless for Facial, Legs, Bikini Area, Wholebody Professional Home Use White
  • 【Painless Permanent Hair Removal】 IPL hair removal device helps you achieve painless permanent hair removal and smooth skin, through breaking the cycle of hair regrowth. This IPL hair removal for women can emit a strong pulse to hair follicle, stimulates the hair follicles into the dormant phase, solve your hair problems completely
  • 【Ice Compression Design】 This light IPL hair removal device is designed with ice compression plate in it to keep the temperature of skin surface in between 32 ~ 41℉. Compared with traditional hair removal instrument, IPL hair removal system is safe, gentle, painless, effective, and zero side effects. There is no risk of skin burns. Bring you a cool hair removal experience
  • 【Upgraded to 999,999 Flashes】 LAYADO hair removal is upgraded to 999,999 flashes, which is enough for many years of use with this peak value for your whole family, and no need to buy a cartridge for your hair removal device frequently. You can get a hair removal effect like a beauty salon and spend less money at home. IPL hair removal is the best choice as a gift for a friend
  • 【5 Energy Levels & 2 Flash Mode】 This IPL hair removal system has 5 different energy levels to meet different hair removal stages and different sensitivities, and supports two models of operation: manual and auto. Manual mode is suitable for small areas hair removal (such as underarms, bikini lines, chin, fingers) and auto mode is for large areas (such as arms, legs, stomach, back)
  • 【Premium Quality and Service】 LAYADO IPL hair removal system adopted the same clinically proven IPL tech used by dermatologist and beauty salons. We have professional manufacturer and strict control the quality of products. IPL hair removal device includes (shaving knife x 2, goggle x 1) accessory. Please note: 1. Male users should not use the product on the face. 2. Choose the appropriate mode to use according to your skin color (please refer to the instruction manual for details)
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  • Get the information through this application to help your hair grow faster.
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