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One of the most popular products is the iPad with its great variety. The tablet computer series is characterized by a wide variety of models, as can be seen from the third and fourth generation iPad alone. Due to their discreet design, the trays are suitable for a wide variety of transport applications in order to take advantage of the abundance of technical elements. The iPad cradle, which is available in a wide variety of designs, is proving to be helpful

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With this holder, you have the option of using the iPad as a flexible holder. It can be mounted on the headrest or on the vehicle seat. The precise adjustment can be made by means of the swivelling and rotating arm. Advantages are to be seen in the fact that the iPad remains clean. Due to the fixed position of the iPad, full access to all functions is possible. It is easy to install and disconnect the iPad in conjunction with the holder.

There are models that are made for exact Apple iPad models. In some cases, the devices can be protected from unauthorised access by means of a lock in a holder. A ball-and-socket joint is also integrated, allowing optimum adaptation to the conditions of the vehicle. This provides a clear view of the iPad in the car. In addition to the Kudelgelenk, the holder is supplied with a through plug and two keys with the visible home button. The control buttons and the connections of the car mount are freely accessible and also offer stability. A good basis for attaching the holder is the ProClip, which is just as easy to remove.

This holder has been developed with a protected slide-in technique that convinces with its unique character. A precise fit and millimetre accuracy of manufacture is achieved. In addition, the micro, cameras, buttons and interfaces are freely accessible for drivers. The holder can be rotated continuously through 360°. This holder develops a maximum suction power of 30 kilograms. The delivery also includes a plastic disc for gluing to the table. There it can come to the fastening of the suction foot

This holder, which is made for the iPad 2, is delivered with charging cable. This gives drivers the option of charging via the plug from the cigarette lighter. The included USB cable is authorized by Apple. The ball and socket joint provides optimal alignment for the Apple iPad. As a further advantage, drivers can expect free access to control buttons and connections. The advantages are also to be seen in the stability that the holder conveys and in the accuracy of fit.

Using this holder, the safe holder of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPads and many more tablets is possible. In addition to a simple adjustment, a simple 360° rotation can be achieved. There is always a good view when there is film on the tablet. But playing is also possible without any problems. The brackets of this type, which are made of high-quality materials, are marked by a good grip on the headrest. All brackets have the advantage that the boredom of children is taken away when playing films during car journeys.

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