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Liquorice is a classic sweet that comes in many different forms. The black colour is typical for liquorice and the sweetness captivates with its very own taste. The sweetness is obtained from the juice of the liquorice bush and there are lovers of it in every age structure. Liquorice gets its own taste from the juice of the liquorice bush and thus also has a high recognition value. The plants are cultivated partly in the Mediterranean and in Asia and with the well-known liquorice the juice is used here in high dosage. However, those who are more interested in soft liquorice should know that the juice is only used in small doses. The popularity of licorice is very interesting because black sweets are among the most popular sweets in Scandinavia and the northern states of Germany. The sweet is consumed by young and old and always with pleasure. The liquorice tree must contain at least three percent extract so that liquorice can be sold under this name. Ingredients such as gelatine, flour, syrup and sugar are also used. In order to create the taste, different flavours are added and the respective producers are secret recipes. There is also Starklakritz to buy and there are some products with a salty aftertaste.

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Wiley Wallaby Classic Black Licorice, 32 Ounce Resealable Bag
  • BLACK LICORICE: Our classic Gourmet Black Licorice is soft & tasty & features real licorice root extract and star anise oil, giving authentic licorice lovers everywhere the tastes they crave.
  • VEGAN CANDY: Our Australian-style licorice is certified vegan & kosher. Using only sustainable palm oils creates a delicious, fat-free & eco-friendly product. No high-fructose corn syrup.
  • GOURMET SNACK: Our licorice sticks are perfect for munching on any time. With a delicious & natural taste, it's a treat for everyone. Ideal for gift boxes, movie night, parties & picnics..
  • UNIQUE TRADITIONS: Family-owned Wiley Wallaby licorice is soft, chewy & bursting with flavor. Our brand is focused on creating a tasty snack that you can feel good about eating. Try our organic flavors, too!
  • CANDY MIX: With a focus on quality, Kenny's Candy manufactures delicious sweets. It offers red & black licorice, chocolates, gummy bears, fruit snacks & licorice, popcorn & snack mixes. Addictively delicious.

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If different liquorice products are produced, then the base of tubular liquorice is used. It is dissolved in a hot water bath and the amount of water then determines the consistency of the candy. However, the longer the boiling time, the better the regulation. It should be noted that the individual ingredients must be well distributed in the liquid to ensure optimum gelatinisation. Similar to the production of fruit gums, the mass is poured into a desired mould and there the mass can harden in the correct shape. Of course different shapes can be used and thus the products can also be adapted to customer wishes. Depending on the type of liquorice, the thin layer of beeswax is coated after hardening to give the sweets a very special sheen. The production of liquorice confectionery works in a similar way, but here pressure is mainly used and the mass is then immediately cured. The history of sweets can be traced back to the early days. The roots of the liquorice bush were bought in ancient times, but the juice was not extracted directly from the roots. From the Middle Ages onwards, the juice was pressed from the plants and then used as medicine for colds, for example. In the 18th century it was possible to bind the juice of the plants with different ingredients and so the liquorice still known today was produced. Although not everyone likes liquorice, more and more lovers are becoming fond of the unusual and delicious sweetness. The spirits always divide at liquorice, because either it is loathed or you like it. Northern Germans have appreciated liquorice in all its forms for centuries. Liquorice is tough, sometimes salty and tart in the finish. Many call liquorice black gold and in the south it is called bear droppings. The plant generally grows up to 2 meters high and grows in Central Asian countries and the Mediterranean. The plant grows particularly in Turkey and Iran. The finger-thick roots are always harvested in late autumn and the runners can reach lengths of up to 8 metres. In this complex process, the viscous and black mass is then obtained.

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Licorice Root Tea 1LB (16Oz) 100% Certified Organic Licorice Root Cut and Sifted (Glycyrrhiza glabra), in 1 lbs. Bulk Resealable Kraft BPA Free Bags from U.S. Wellness Naturals
  • ORGANIC: WE packed these licorice roots in DOA (Department Of Agriculture) of Ohio certified facility. 100% certified organic cut and sifted roots by OEFFA bearing the USDA organic seal. These are the highest quality roots available that are farmed and packaged free from pesticides and herbicides. Packed and processed in U.S.A.
  • LICORICE: The root of the licorice plant, known officially as the glycyrrhiza glabra, is used to brew tea, but can also be eaten or chewed plain for its many benefits
  • A ROOT TEA: This cut licorice root makes a simple, healthy, caffeine free licorice tea with a natural sweetness; Simply use 1 tablespoon of licorice herb per cup of tea desired
  • THE ANCIENT LICORICE PLANT: The licorice plant has been used for centuries as a natural remedy; Some say that licorice root can help with inflammation, upset stomachs, weight loss, and more!
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: All U.S. Wellness Naturals products come with a satisfaction guarantee; If you have any questions, our friendly customer service team in Cleveland, OH will get you back on track!
Candyland Henry Goodes Soft Liquorice 140g
  • The original aniseed flavoured soft eating liquorice.
  • Natural Colours and Flavours.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians