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  • ELECTRO GALVANIZED STEEL: Treated with zinc and provides...
  • UV RESISTANT STEEL PANELS: Treated to protect against rot,...
  • LOW GABLE ROOF: Designed with a low gable reinforced steel...
  • FASTER ASSEMBLY: 50% less hardware than the standard leading...
  • SNAP-IT QUICK ASSEMBLY: Assembly is easier than most steel...
  • 2X STRONGER DESIGN: EZEE Shed's unique bonding process...
  • Easy Assembly: Comes ready to assemble with pre-cut and...
  • Sturdy and Reliable Shed: Constructed of durable...
  • Garden Shed Accessibility: Single sliding door provides easy...
  • ✅SPACIOUS LAYOUT: This super large metal outdoor shed...
  • ✅DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from durable galvanized...
  • ✅ADVANCED SLOPED ROOF DESIGN: Shed roof is sloped, add...
  • Electro galvanized Steel treated with zinc for strong for...
  • UV resistant Steel panels protect against rot, insects, and...
  • High gable Steel roof design for additional headroom
  • Heavy duty and waterproof cover: 7. 5 ounce ripstop fabric...
  • Universal cover: fits most corral panels and gate tube...
  • Safety for your animals: protective boots on each corner to...

The metal tool house is very handy and who has the opportunity, can put one in the garden. Everybody can tidy up properly with the tool shed and everyone can thus make room properly. Due to the metal equipment houses, there is enough space and some can be stored there without any problems. Of course, there are always many different possibilities offered to interested parties by the equipment shed. Often there is the chic barn look and in the garden, the harmonious overall picture is not disturbed. The garden shed creates order around the house and the garden. Of course, the metal shed is very stable and not infrequently there is also the use as a modern bicycle garage. It is particularly advantageous for a metal appliance house that it is very weather-resistant and usually there is also a coating so that the sheds are not threatened by corrosion. Metal appliance houses impress with their low maintenance and modern design. For everyone, these sheds are an ideal choice, which rely on the shapely function.

Our Top Metal shed Pick

Arrow 10' x 8' Newburgh Eggshell with Coffee Trim Low Gable Electro-Galvanized Steel Storage Shed
  • ELECTRO GALVANIZED STEEL: Treated with zinc and provides corrosion resistance and protects from wet weather
  • UV RESISTANT STEEL PANELS: Treated to protect against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions
  • LOW GABLE ROOF: Designed with a low gable reinforced steel roof for extra stability
  • SECURITY: Features a padlockable sliding door to help keep your items safe and secure (padlock not included)
  • OUTDOOR STORAGE APPEAL: Complements a variety of home exteriors with its neutral palette of eggshell and coffee

Everything for the garden: Metal shed Video Guide

In the garden house is important that this is durable. In addition, there should be plenty of space for bicycles and garden equipment and it should not be maintenance-intensive. The metal appliance houses offer this and even more. Some models are made of galvanized sheet steel and this is also powder coated. The garden equipment houses are thus absolutely weatherproof and weather-resistant. Often they do not have to be treated with paint or varnish and they are not threatened by corrosion. It is also very interesting that no rust can form and no scratches are formed. Thanks to the robust workmanship of the metal appliance houses, it is possible that these models will serve well for decades and garden utensils can be reliably stored in them. Even as bicycle garages, the models are often used, where the bicycles are protected from the weather. Often, ventilation is installed to prevent the formation of mold and an ideal room climate can prevail there. Apart from tools and bicycles, upholstered furniture can also be stored. After all gardens are different, the demands on the shed can vary. Models of various sizes are found on the market. There are different widths and the depth can of course be different. Overall, there are many different sizes and this ensures that everyone can discover an optimal size for their garden. While some Metallgerätehäuser convince with a pent roof, there is also the gable roof. No matter which roof shape is chosen at the end, it is always important that the roof shape fits harmoniously into the overall picture. Despite the robust material, the shed can be easily integrated into a garden landscape. Built-in sliding doors are often very practical as they save space and can be opened without difficulty even in frosty conditions.

Many gardeners ask themselves whether they should choose wood, plastic or metal. Again and again, the garden owners are looking for the right equipment house for their garden. The metal shed is less suitable for a comfortable stay, but rather for the placement of tools, for example. Compared to the models made of plastic and wood, the metal tool house offers some important advantages. The steel sheet does not have to be painted. Mostly the metal is hot-dip galvanized and also stove-enameled. So there is the great advantage that it is durable for a long time. A metal shed often does not need to be post-treated, and that means glazing and painting. Made of sheet metal, the tool shed is dimensionally stable because it is not, for example, the working wood. Very important to many garden owners, of course, the care, which is very straightforward for Metallgerätehäuser. The sheds can thus be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. If there is the galvanized steel sheet, then the tool shed is also fireproof. Thanks to the elimination of maintenance costs and longevity, the hardware costs are low at Metallgerätehaus. However, if the gazebo is bought from metal, then better care should be taken that the hinges and screw connections are made of stainless steel. Otherwise, the garden shed made of sheet steel often can not be completely weather-resistant. In spite of the expediency, the metal tool shed does not lose its appearance. Finally, different finishes can be chosen. Often, for example, differently colored roof and door strips or a color accent can be set.

Although it is not necessarily a lightweight at the Metallgerätehaus, but the structure works very easily. Most of the sheds are also supplied with a floor and a metal structure can often replace the ground foundation. Of course, it is very advantageous that then the location of a tool shed can be changed easily. With a construction manual, it is usually possible for two people that the equipment shed will be set up in a few hours. More and more then move the metal appliance houses in the focus of companies, homeowners and allotments. Often a weather-resistant bicycle shed is sought or the shelter for machinery and the warehouse for equipment. For the metal sheds offer exactly the right properties. The metal houses can generally be used for many things. They are especially popular as a camp because many important criteria are linked. The metal shelters are very inexpensive compared to other materials, yet they offer first class protection. The metal is very durable and weather resistant. In addition, very advantageous is the low maintenance costs. First of all, it is always necessary to check what is actually worth a store house. The metal bearing is always durable, safe and dry. Everyone should set a purpose in advance when the decision is made for the metal appliance house. The accommodation for the machines or garden equipment often has to meet other criteria such as the bicycle shed. Especially the electrical equipment must be protected against condensation and against water. The expensive racing bikes, however, need protection against theft. The garden tools, however, must be protected against weather and dirt. When buying, all these points should be considered. Also worth considering is where the metal appliance house is set up. The bikes should usually be close to the access roads. The wheels are to be reached quickly and nobody wants to take long detours into account. The equipment for the garden belongs to the vicinity of the bed and material and machinery belong to the vicinity of the workshops. Everyone must therefore check which area is available to him. These surfaces should then be measured more accurately. If it is later determined that the area is too small, then this can be very annoying. Even a too small house can be very annoying later. Already at the purchase it is better, if one decides for more storeroom. From 4 m² there are already the smallest houses and the large sheds even offer up to 24 m² usable area. It is important that all accesses are available. It is complicated when access roads and paths still need to be created.

TOP 5 Metal shed Bestseller

EZ Shed 70187 Peak Style Instant Framing Kit
  • Easy-to-follow-plans included. Materials lists, cut lists, and detailed instructions with step-by-step images creates a 7'w x 8'L shed.
  • Construct with wood or composite 2x4's. Add your own roofing and siding to match your home.
  • Galvanized Steel base and angle brackets won't rust or rot
  • Includes 24 Steel angles, 12 Steel base plates and plans for 3 Sizes. (Additional kits required for larger sizes)
  • Only straight, 90 Degree cuts are required. No miters or complex measurements are needed. Galvanized angle brackets create the perfect angle every time.
Arrow Arlington High Gable Steel Storage Shed, Eggshell/Coffee Trim, 10 x 12 ft.
  • Easy-build shed made of Electro Galvanized Steel treated with zinc for strong corrosion resistance
  • UV resistant steel panels protect against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions
  • High gable steel roof design for additional headroom. Door opening width top is 55.5 inches
  • Pad-lockable sliding doors for easy entry and exit
  • Appealing two tone aesthetics in Eggshell & Coffee to complement home exteriors
Outsunny 11' x 13' Metal Garden Shed Utility Tool Storage, Outdoor House for Backyard and Garden, Grey
  • ✅SPACIOUS LAYOUT: This super large metal outdoor shed features ample inner storage space, is perfectly designed for garden tools, lawn care equipment, pool supplies, and more.
  • ✅DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from durable galvanized steel in finish, this sturdy shed is weather and rust resistant, ideal for long-lasting outdoor use.
  • ✅ADVANCED SLOPED ROOF DESIGN: Shed roof is sloped, add extra storage and prevents rain water from gathering and preventing from rust.
  • ✅GOOD VENTILATION:The 4 vents and the double sliding doors increase both light and airflow, prevent odor and helps to reduce the accumulation of moisture in the house, alsp protect your items from weather damage and strong wind.
  • ✅Overall Dimensions: 11.15’ L x 12.5’ W x 6.6’ H; Inside Dimensions: 10.8’ L x 12.2’ W x 6.5’ H
Arrow LX1014 10 x 14 ft. Barn Style Galvanized Taupe/Eggshell Steel Storage Shed
  • Electro galvanized Steel treated with zinc for strong for corrosion resistance
  • UV resistant Steel panels protect against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions
  • High gable Steel roof design for additional headroom
  • Pad-lockable Sliding doors for easy entry and exit
  • Appealing two tone aesthetics in Eggshell & Taupe to complement home exteriors
ShelterLogic 6' x 6' Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Shed with Waterproof Cover and Heavy Duty Reusable Auger Anchors
  • Durable Frame: Made from an all-steel metal 6 x 6 x 6-foot frame that is 1-3/8 inches thick
  • Made to Last: Bonded with a premium powder-coated finish that prevents chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion
  • Waterproof Coverage: Grey cover is durable and made from an advanced triple-layer rip stop that is waterproof and UV-treated to resist fading
  • Ratchet-Tate: Cover tensioning system ensures a drum tight cover that keeps it tight and neat looking
  • Easy Slide Cross Rail System: Locks down and squares up frames for initial and continuous frame to fabric fit