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Even though most people now use sun protection at least on holiday, very few consumers are aware that there are differences in sun protection products that go beyond the protection factor. An additional distinction lies in whether a chemical or a mineral sun protection is given. But what is the difference between chemical and mineral sun protection?

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The mode of action of the cream also plays an important role in the selection of sun protection. Most sunscreens available on the market are based on a chemical filter that bundles the UV light and directs it into the skin in the form of heat rays. However, this can lead to skin irritations and sometimes allergic reactions in sensitive people and children. An alternative are sunscreens, which work on a mineral basis.

If a sunscreen works on a mineral basis, then so-called micro pigments work here, which form a fine film when applied to the skin and thus reflect the UV radiation like a mirror. Titanium oxide is an agent used in such mineral sunscreens to protect against UV-B rays, while zinc oxide provides protection against UV-A rays. As mineral sunscreens are not absorbed by the skin like chemical sunscreens, they are often more tolerable for sensitive skin. A further advantage of mineral sunscreens is that the sunscreen effect of the creams is immediate and no connection with the skin fat is necessary to achieve the desired sun protection. However, the mineral sun cream must be generously dosed and renewed again and again after bathing or sports.

According to the current state of research, the titanium oxide contained in mineral sun creams is considered to be very safe as a sunscreen for adults and children. However, the concentration of 25 percent within the sunscreens should not be exceeded. However, in addition to titanium oxide, many manufacturers also work with aluminium in their products, which is then used as a coating for the titanium oxide particles. Today, however, aluminium is considered to be very controversial – even when used in cosmetics. However, in most of the mineral sun protection products investigated, the quantities of aluminium are kept very low and are aimed at the absolutely tolerable quantity even for children. Therefore, the mineral sunscreens of high-quality brands are considered harmless in use.

The most important advantage of mineral sun protection is that it is particularly well tolerated by the skin. Furthermore, there is sun protection immediately after application, because unlike chemical agents, this sun protection does not first have to form a bond with the skin fat in order to be effective. Mineral sun protection products are also becoming increasingly important in natural cosmetics, because the products have no side effects. While mineral sun protection used to leave a white film on the skin and cause a dull feeling on the skin, these unattractive side effects are practically non-existent today due to the further development of the products. Mineral sun protection can also be very easily applied to the skin today, which was not the case in the early days of these products. At least up to a sun protection factor of 30, the products are just as good as chemically active products to work into the skin today, with a higher sun protection factor can still show a whitish film and a difficult spreadability of the creams. Especially with children, this film also makes it easy to control whether the child is protected from the sun everywhere.

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