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  • made of best qualify raw material
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved
  • ibd Just Gel Polish is 100% true gel, this adaptable...
  • Removal is hassle free, taking 10 minutes with no mess or...
  • ibd Nail Systems sets the standard for innovation. A brand...
  • FAST SHIPPING. We are based in USA. We ship the hard builder...
  • In.Hype clear builder gel is the thickest gel from the...
  • Salon-grade quality with 10 Toxins-Free formula for...
  • 24 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Set: Gel nail polish set comes in an...
  • Environmental & Healthy Care: This gel nail polish set with...
  • Soak off UV/LED Gel Nail Polish: UV gel nail polish...
  • -TRENDY NAIL ART. With this all in one nail extension gel...
  • -QUICK CONVENVIENT & EASY USE -- Makartt nail extension gel...
  • -LONG-LASTING EFFECT & TIPS -- Makartt nail extension gel...
  • ❤High power and Smart:40w nail lamp with 21pcs led...
  • ❤User friendly design:Easy to clean,Light weight,Curved...
  • ❤Applications:Dry most nail UV gel,UV top coat ,UV builder...

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IBD LED/UV Gels Builder Gel Clear, 2 oz
  • made of best qualify raw material
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved

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Gel nails belong to the current trends of recent years and have outstripped classic nail polish. Nail gel is hardened with UV light and can be applied to natural nails or artificial fingernails. Nail studios, for example, offer a gel-based nail extension without an artificial tip being stuck to the natural nail and then treated with gel. The advantages of nail gel are based on its long durability, the attractive shine and the numerous colors for every demand and taste. Depending on the strain on the fingernails, gel nails can last up to a month and can be carried on without removing the gel layer, the groove of the growing nail is filled with gel. Especially in manicure, nail gel has established itself and developed into a must have for modern women. But also toenails can be styled with gel. For gel nails, only the desired gel, a UV device for curing and appropriate brushes for applying the nail gel are required.

Nail gel makes even artificial fingernails look authentic and natural. It lies in a layer of varying thickness on the natural nail or a tip glued underneath, depending on your wishes, and convinces with its high strength. Gel nails can be designed in various designs and lengths, different thicknesses and all imaginable designs. The hardened nail gel can be modelled with a file and, if desired, can be decorated with coloured applications and covered with a subsequent transparent gel layer. Since nail gel is used in several layers on top of each other, it creates a high stability and protects against brittle or splintering fingernails. Gel nails describe a special method of extending and beautifying the nails, which works on the basis of UV-curing gels and an appropriate UV device for curing the material. Well-groomed attractive hands are the figurehead of all women and can be achieved more easily and lastingly with nail gel than with nail polish, which often splinters at the slightest contact with a hard surface and loses its shine when exposed to the sun

With nail gel, the manicure brings some advantages and ensures long-term beautiful, stable and individually designed nails. Even if the treatment of the fingernails requires a little time and patience, the result can be seen and convinces by uniqueness. Natural nails can be extended and strengthened with gel. Artificial nails get a natural look, because the charisma of the nail gel especially in the French manicure reminds of natural nails and the fingernail does not recognize as an artificial nail. Glittering or in the form individual applications can be put under the gel on the nail and worked directly into the gel nails. The smooth surface and the possibility of filing in shape round off the result and ensure enchanting nails. Since the processing of fingernails with UV gel requires a special device for light curing, the costs are higher than with classical varnishing of the nails. However, this is the only disadvantage that can be avoided, for example, by designing your own nails and purchasing a unique light-curing device

Which nail gel convinces with quality and can be easily and long-lastingly applied to the nail? There are very different brands and offers, as well as gels in different viscosities and with different product properties. If a nail gel is too liquid, it runs and leaves unsightly traces on the cuticle and the edges. If a gel is too solid, it is difficult to process and can prevent the formation of wafer-thin layers. When purchasing nail gel it is worthwhile to refer to professional studio quality and to prefer high-quality gels. Important criteria for the purchase are the viscosity and the drying time, as well as of course the desired color of the gel. When processing several colours on one nail, it is advisable to use the same gel brand and thus ensure optimum adhesion of the nail gel to the natural nail or artificial fingernail.

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IBD LED/UV Gels Builder Gel Clear, 2 oz
  • made of best qualify raw material
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved
IBD LED/UV Gels Builder Pink, 2 oz
  • ibd Just Gel Polish is 100% true gel, this adaptable formula which applies smoothly like a polish with the durability of gel. Ibd Just Gel Polish is quickly cured under a LED or UV light to leave a smooth, high-shine finish.
  • Removal is hassle free, taking 10 minutes with no mess or fuss. Compatible with all other gel polish systems. ibd Just Gel Polish offers so much choice, with a wide selection of selection of colours, plus seasonal launches in limited edition gel nail polish colours.
  • ibd Nail Systems sets the standard for innovation. A brand trusted by beauty professionals. ibd offers a complete range for nail technicians, including iconic gel nail polish in Just Gel Polish, Builder Gels, Advanced Wear Pro Lacquer and Nail Acrylic and Tools.
IBD UV Gels, Clear Builder Gel 2 oz
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR NAILS TO PERFECTION: Sculpt and shape your nails however you like with IBD UV Clear Builder Gel! Featuring a thick self-leveling formula that has high flow formulation for a fuss-free, effortless application to achieve a smooth nail salon-grade finish! Works wonderfully on soft gels, gel polish, or even normal nail polish - ideal for nail extensions, tip overlays, and nail sculpting! It is easy to use, making it perfect for people trying out builder gels for the first time.
  • PERFECT FOR MANI PEDI, TRANSPARENT GLOSS SHINE: Want to keep your nail enhancements look new, stylish and natural? This incredibly transparent nail builder gel from IBD can do the job for you! Cover up unsightly nail flaws without sacrificing strength and stability. Its formulation helps retain nail polish color to achieve permanent high gloss shine, ensuring a natural-looking, long-lasting polished luster that will complete your sassy or chic look! Great for a DIY mani-pedi or nail salon use!
  • EASY TO USE, LONG-LASTING RESULTS: Apply evenly, cure in three minutes under a UV light, and achieve a sturdy shiny coating! It is long-lasting and will not lift or crack, usually, for a maximum of two weeks. If you’re one of those people who are extremely hard on your fingernails or who have jobs that require frequent use of your fingers, then this is the right builder gel for you! A little goes a long way, too! This can last a little more than a month, even a year, when used sparingly.
  • DURABLE, ODORLESS, RIVALS ANY ACRYLIC: IBD UV Clear Builder Gel has the strength of acrylic nails minus the strong smell. Never get worried about opening soda cans while flaunting your posh fingernails. It’s stylist-approved, giving nail pros, amateurs and beginners alike the flexibility to explore the creative side of nail art. After application, you might feel like a million bucks. Seriously, once you use IBD nail products, you might never go back!
  • MADE IN THE US, CRUELTY-FREE, TRUSTED BY PROS: The go-to by nail pros for top nail care worldwide! IBD has developed iconic formulas, like IBD UV Clear Builder Gel for Nails which has become a top seller and must-have amongst the best nail technicians in the industry. IBD focuses on offering innovative ways for ultimate beauty and nail care experience for everyone. Also, all products are 100 % cruelty-free, never tested on animals and proudly made in the US. What’s not to like?
Gel Nail Polish, 24 Pcs Nail Polish Set with No Wipe Base and Glossy/Matte Top Coat, UV/LED Soak Off Popular Nail Colors Collection Starter Kit for Home Party Nail Salon Nail Art at All Seasons
  • 24 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Set: Gel nail polish set comes in an extensive palette of shades gel polish with base and glossy/matte top coat. Those popular and trendy nail colors are suitable for all year around especially spring and summer. Share the nail gel polish kit in big capacity with your friends.
  • Environmental & Healthy Care: This gel nail polish set with 20 colors is made from 9 non toxin ingredients which make the UV gel nail polish safe and low odor. You can do your nail DIY at your will without any harm to your nails.
  • Soak off UV/LED Gel Nail Polish: UV gel nail polish collection needs to be cured under the UV/LED lamp to completely dry before you apply another layer. Apply base and top coat to protect your nails and make your manicure no-chipping and long-lasting.
  • Easy Application& Endurable Wear Gel Nail Polish Kit: With good tenacity and highly pigmented, Aibrit gel polish set provides shiny, smooth appearance and flawless coverage along with durability up 21 days. Built-in brush fits every nail size for streak-free application.
  • More Colors, More Choices: Aibrit gel nail polish set includes base and glossy/ matte top coat and 20 colors gel nail polish. Shades include: red, white, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, cream and more. Get creative nail art design by mixing and matching.
Makartt Poly Nail Extention Gel Kit Nail Enhancement Clear Pink Gel Builder Trail Set P-01
  • -TRENDY NAIL ART. With this all in one nail extension gel kit, save your time and money for nail salon, and you can create various ornate and beautiful extension nails or other nail art design. Just bring your nail salon home.
  • -QUICK CONVENVIENT & EASY USE -- Makartt nail extension gel dry very fast, the curing time for the LED lamp is only 30-60s and UV Lamp is 2 mins. It's stronger, more flexible , easier to control than other nail extension. It's lighter than acrylic or UV builder gel, when you do the nails, it seems like you wear nothing on your nails. It makes your nails look natural, with pretty length and neatness.
  • -LONG-LASTING EFFECT & TIPS -- Makartt nail extension gel nails will last up to about one month or longer with proper nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning ). For the better adhesion, you can also apply nail dehydrator and primer which can last the nail much longer. What's more, you can refill your nails about every two weeks when the new cuticle area grows.
  • -WARM TIPS & REMOVE TIPS -- For preventing the gel sticking to the brush or other nail extension gel tools, you can dip the brush in slip solution (not included in this kit ) or 70% isopropyl alcohol , so the nail extension gel can be picked and formed on dual forms smoothly. If you want to change the nail art style and remove the nail extension gel, you can file the nail extension gel down and then buffer it. A nail drill machine will save your time and help to remove faster and cleaner.