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  • ▶ 3PCS DOG DIAPER LARGE - Suitable for Female Dogs (Waist:...
  • ▶ USEFUL & SAFE - ✔ Used for untrained puppies and dogs...
  • ▶ WATERPROOF & LEAKPROOF - ✔ Sew-in super absorbent pad....
  • Washable & Reusable Female Dog Diapers M: Waist:35-38cm...
  • Physiological Pants are Made of finest quality cotton, soft...
  • Physiological Trousers Suitable for untrained puppies,...
  • Made from a cotton blend fabric, 6 layers ecofriendly...
  • Size for baby girls age: 12 Months, 24 Months, 3 years, 4...
  • Gentle elastic at waist and leg for a comfortable fit, also...
  • 【4PCS Diapers & 3-layer Design】Provide you with four...
  • 【High Quality】Made of TPU waterproof material, good...
  • 【Adjustable】There are many buttons on the surface of the...
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Diaper pants are, at least for small children, cost-effective and economical alternatives to the classic disposable diaper. They can be used alone for toilet training, for bed-wetting or in combination with the tried and tested cloth diaper. They are usually pulled over the cloth diaper to guarantee their hold and provide additional protection. While 40 years ago it was still common to diaper toddlers with cloth and gauze diapers, today’s modern parents shy away from boiling, drying and reusing used diapers. Nevertheless, diaper pants never disappear completely from the landscape of the baby assortment. Mothers and fathers still enjoy the alternative to the so-called “disposable diaper”. Especially when you consider the environmental and price aspects, there are some advantages to them.

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The trend towards environmental protection does not stop at the care range for babies and toddlers either. While the classic disposable diaper has established itself in recent decades, today more and more parents are recognizing the damage it does economically. But do diaper pants really protect the environment? Direct protection is certainly not possible, but in contrast to disposable diapers they are much more environmentally friendly. You usually buy a few diaper pants. They are mostly made of natural fabrics such as cotton and other types of wool, which offer high comfort and at the same time fulfil economic purposes. Once the nappy trousers have been used and become dirty, they can be reused by boiling them down and drying them once. This prevents a lot of garbage and associated environmental pollution.

Diaper pants can be found in different price segments. The price difference, which ranges from very cheap around 5 Euro to the expensive version around 20 Euro, depends on the used material, but also on the brand. So you can find diaper trousers on inexpensive platforms as well as in the high-end children’s fashion shop. But if you consider the prices of the disposable diapers, the diaper pants are the cheaper alternative despite price differences. This is mainly due to the reusability of the product. As a rule, it is worth investing more once in diaper pants and profiting from quality and longevity. With inexpensive variants of diaper pants, the use of cheaper fabrics and the associated lack of quality means that there is a risk that the pants will shrink as soon as they are first cooked. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to find out which substances have the highest suction power. Even do-it-yourself diaper pants, therefore homemade, usually crocheted or knitted, diaper pants are enjoying more and more supporters. These have the advantage that they can be perfectly tailored to the baby and you can control which material touches the sensitive baby skin. This activity, however, requires a talent for craftsmanship.

All in one, diaper pants seem to be the ideal diaper form. The only drawback they have is also the reason why disposable diapers have become more and more popular – work. Environmentally conscious and sustainable parents will be aware of the advantages of diaper pants, which make little difference to the associated work. It is cheap, environmentally friendly and offers high wearing comfort for babies and toddlers. With diaper trousers, however, you have to expect constant dirty washing and continuous washing. Not every parent couple can pursue this, which is why there is no ultimate solution in the world of diapers. However, if you choose diaper pants, you are definitely on the safe side with regard to the environment.

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LOVABLEU Female Dog Diapers Large Pet Sanitary Pants Washable Menstrual Nappies Covers Physiological Trousers Pack of 3
  • ▶ 3PCS DOG DIAPER LARGE - Suitable for Female Dogs (Waist: About 36-54CM/14-21", Please measure your dog's waist right in front of the back legs).
  • ▶ USEFUL & SAFE - ✔ Used for untrained puppies and dogs that suffer from excitement urination or incontinence. ✔ Used during your dog's menstrual period to prevent leaks and bacterial infections. ✔ Used for female dogs in heat.
  • ▶ WATERPROOF & LEAKPROOF - ✔ Sew-in super absorbent pad. ✔ Waterproof outer layer. ✔ Elastic band for better fit.
  • ▶ ADJUSTABLE & STRONG FASTENING TAPE - Easy to wear and resize.
  • ▶ WASHABLE & & COMFORTABLE & ECONOMICAL - ✔ Reusable and Machine Washable. ✔ Reusable dog diapers are more Economical, Environmentally friendly, and Comfortable than disposable dog diapers. We have only one earth. Ordinary people, you and I can do something to protect the environment.
Women Trouser Socks (6-Pack) 700-8-BEIGE6
  • 12-Pairs Pack or 6-Pairs Pack
  • Super Quality with COMFORT BAND
  • 97% Stretch Nylon and 3% Spandex
  • Size 9-11 ( Fit women shoe size 4 to 10 )
  • 17" Length Top to Toe ( Without Stretch )
Set of 3 Toddler Girls Reusable Toilet Training Pants Cotton Nappy Underwear, Size 12 Months Girls
  • Made from a cotton blend fabric, 6 layers ecofriendly absorbent muslin cotton, breathable and strong absorbent, great pullup nappie, nighttime pant, outdoor training underwear for your baby.
  • Size for baby girls age: 12 Months, 24 Months, 3 years, 4 years, 5Years.
  • Gentle elastic at waist and leg for a comfortable fit, also easy to pull up and down. Concealed water resistant layer and inner pad is designed for little accidents.
  • Package includes: 3pcs different pattern training pants.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried.
HahaGo 4PCS Baby Cloth Diaper Washable Reusable Diapers Insert All-in-One Pocket Nappy for Most Babies and Toddlers (Orange Fox Pattern)
  • 【4PCS Diapers & 3-layer Design】Provide you with four sets of washable diapers, enough for your baby to use. The diaper is divided into three layers, waterproof outer layer, water absorbing layer(not including insert diaper pad) and permeable inner layer. Excellent water absorption performance to prevent leakage of urine.
  • 【High Quality】Made of TPU waterproof material, good elasticity, soft, can stretch, safe and non-toxic. Durable, no deformation after washing. The middle layer of the pocket diaper are made of brushed fabric cotton cloth, which is soft,air-permeable, absorbent and has no odor.
  • 【Adjustable】There are many buttons on the surface of the diaper. Adjust the buttons to fit the size of the baby. Elastic bands at back waist and leg cuffs, even if your baby is very naughty, don't worry about urine leakage. Its size can be adjusted so it fits most babies, including babies from 3 to 15 kg.
  • 【Pocket Design】Special pocket opening design for easy stuffing and removal. Reusable, easy to wash and dry quickly. The diaper shell has a cute pattern and bright colors, which is very suitable for babies.
  • 【Satisfied Guarantee】24 Hours Customer Service. Get it, try it, any problems? No Worry, we provide a full money guarantee! Any issue, we will help solve it efficiently.