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For certain occasions, tights are simply part of the perfect wardrobe. In the cold season, pantyhose are welcome clothes to keep your legs and buttocks warm. Pantyhose shape the silhouette and can conceal small blemishes on the legs inconspicuously. Pantyhose is available in different materials from very fine to warm knit, patterned and plain models. Materials for tights

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In addition to different designs, patterns or colours, tights differ in the material used to make them. The term denier, abbreviated “den”, is a measure of the strength of a pair of tights, that is, the weight of the thread. The higher the value, the more opaque and hard-wearing a pantyhose is. Pantyhose under 40 den are generally considered transparent. A den value of 60 or more describes an opaque pantyhose

Another term for nylon is polyamide. Nylon fibres are very fine, elastic and dimensionally stable, but also hard-wearing and tear-resistant. Thin pantyhose are made of very fine polyamide fibres

The term spandex or lycra, often used in tights, are trade names of the respective manufacturers for spandex. Elastane ensures that pantyhose is stretchable and can adapt to the shape of the leg,

Pantyhose made of microfibres offer a high wearing comfort, are dimensionally stable, soft and handy. Microfibres do not lint and keep the legs pleasantly warm in winter.

Cotton is rarely used in its pure form for pantyhose. The natural material is very soft and warms in the cold season. Usually cotton with a polyester portion and elastane is processed, so that cotton tights become stretchable and hard-wearing

Merino wool is a very high-quality, soft and cuddly wool that warms even better than cotton. Merino wool is also usually woven together with other materials such as elastane or microfibers. The additives provide for a better wearing comfort and more comfort. Pantyhose for summer and winter
Pantyhose are typical pantyhose for the summer. Pantyhose are made of fine nylon fibres in various colours and fulfil two tasks. On the one hand they form the legs within limits and provide for a flawless sight. On the other hand, they are very practical because they prevent the sweaty skin from rubbing against each other when walking and reddening. For the summer, pantyhose with a low den value of about 5 to 15 are ideal. The low weight of the nylon threads ensures that the pantyhose is almost invisible, comfortable to wear and cool. Special summer pantyhose, the so-called “Toeless” or toeless models, are manufactured with an open toe area so that open sandals can be worn without any problems on hot days.
Warm and comfortable knitted tights or nylon tights with up to 300 den are suitable for winter. Pantyhose made of cotton or merino wool are always opaque and keep your legs warm even on cold days. The processed threads are clearly thicker, than with a fine pantyhose. Knitted tights are available in plain colours, patterned, with a smooth or textured surface. When temperatures fall well below freezing, lined thermal stockings are the best choice. They are particularly warm and yet comfortable. Warm tights are often confused with leggings. Leggings are a variation of tights. The difference is that leggings are always made without a foot part

TOP 5 Pantyhose Bestseller

No Nonsense Women's Control Top Pantyhose 3-Pack, Nude, B
  • 3 pack
  • Slimming control from tummy to thigh
  • Ribbed control top panty with comfort waistband for firm support
  • Sheer, nylon leg gives your legs a bare flawless look
  • Sheer toe
No Nonsense Women's Great Shapes Run Stop Sheer, Beige/Mist, B
  • Slims tummy, hips and thighs
  • Made with run stop technology designed to keep punctures and holes from turning into runs
  • Comfortable waistband
  • Firm shaping panty extends to thighs
  • 1 pack
L'eggs Women's Energy 3 Pack All Sheer Panty Hose, Suntan, B
  • Sheer panty for a lightweight, breathable feeling
  • Sheer toe
  • Long pants

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