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A partially integrated dishwasher is built into the kitchen unit, but at least the control panel of the dishwasher remains visible. Some appliances even have a dishwasher front or a dishwasher door. This depends solely on the design of the device. At the top, the dishwasher is covered by the continuous kitchen worktop, at the sides by the adjacent kitchen cupboards.

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In contrast to a fully integrated dishwasher, a partially integrated dishwasher has a visible control element that is flush with the front of the kitchen. A furniture panel corresponding to the kitchen design is mounted on the dishwasher door. With fully integrated dishwashers there is nothing to be seen on the kitchen front. The dishwasher only becomes visible when the furniture door is opened. The control panel is behind it. The advantage of a not fully integrated dishwasher is the possibility to use the control element while the rinsing process is active. For example, to take a break or to regulate it via the control panel in case of malfunctions without having to open the dishwasher. Visually many would like a small accent to the kitchen front. Control panels in chrome look particularly elegant. The visible control panel is equipped with push buttons or touch pad depending on brand and manufacturer. Dishwashers used to be known by the term “white goods”. The design has long since changed. White dishwashers are usually available as visible built-in appliances in cheaper kitchen units or in stand-alone dishwashers. Semi-integratable dishwashers are made by well-known manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens, Bauknecht, Neff or Beko and others.

When selecting kitchen appliances, owners do not always have to rely on the same brands or product series. The oven can also be purchased from another manufacturer, as can the semi-integrated dishwasher. It is important that the dishwasher meets the requirements of the kitchen. And that this meets certain conditions of the users. Those who have little space for a semi-integratable dishwasher will get such a device from a width of 45 cm. Such a dishwasher holds about nine complete covers, consisting of cutlery such as fork, knife and spoon. Also made of cups, small and large plates. However, pots, bowls and pans must be cleaned in a separate rinsing cycle. A small dishwasher is worthwhile up to a three-person household. From four persons a width of 60 cm should be chosen. On average, there is room for 13 custom-made blankets, whereby this is always related to the construction of a machine. Other factors to consider when making a purchase decision:

– Current class: from A+ to A+++- Water consumption- dB – stands for decibel, i.e. the volume of the machine- Program selection and menu control

The Bosch dishwasher under the designation “SMI53M75EU” is semi-integratable and consumes only ten liters for an average wash cycle. In addition, the dishwasher is quite quiet at 44 dB and energy-efficient at 0.92 kWh. The outer material is brushed stainless steel. This also applies to the control panel visible from the outside. With 13 covers, this dishwasher meets the requirements of a household of four people or more.

At 46 dB, two dB louder than the Bosch dishwasher, the Siemens iQ500 dishwasher is more advantageous in other areas. With the short program, a rinse cycle is completed in less than half an hour. The dishwasher can accommodate 12 covers with a total width of 60 cm. Advantageous functions are the economy programs, such as when the dishwasher is only half charged. For intensive cleaning of stubborn dirt, a simple selection via the control panel is sufficient. Neff and Beko offer good semi-integratable dishwashers at somewhat more favourable conditions, with the same functional variety.

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