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Since June 2013, other pharmaceutical companies have also been allowed to manufacture the so-called “blue pill”, as the patent for sildenafil, the active ingredient, has expired. Besides Sildenafil there are also Tadalafil, Avanafil and Vardenafil. All substances should help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This disorder is also better known as potency disorder. What the “blue pill” can do and to what extent caution is required.

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In a sexual potency disorder, men suffer from the fact that the penis does not straighten sufficiently during sexual arousal, so that sexual intercourse is not possible. The substances contained in sexual enhancers inhibit a certain enzyme. As a result, more blood flows into the limb and an erection occurs subsequently. It is important to note the fact that sexual enhancers require a prescription. At first, it is therefore impossible to avoid going to the doctor, which makes sense, as sexual potency disorders can also be associated with diseases in the cardiovascular system. If you had a stroke not so long ago, you won’t be prescribed any of the drugs for this reason. The same applies to certain liver diseases or low blood pressure. It is also important to consider which other medicines are taken by the patient. If sexual enhancers with certain nitrates are used, there is a risk of suffering a dangerous circulatory shock. The reason for this is the fact that both remedies dilate the vessels and thus reinforce each other in their effect. It is imperative that the attending physician is informed about which medication is currently being taken.

In order for the drug to work properly, it must be taken in good time. The effect occurs in about half an hour. This can take up to an hour. How long the effect lasts depends on the respective substance. While vardenafil and sildenafil work in about five hours, avanafil takes about six hours. Tadalafil, which remains in the body for up to 36 hours, has the longest effect. The concentration of active ingredients varies from patient to patient. The tablets should not be tested on their own, but only at the dose recommended by the doctor. It should be noted that the sexual enhancers only work if the man is really sexually aroused. If this is not the case, they cannot work. Only the ability to have an erection is improved by the remedies. The desired effect is often prevented by alcohol or a high-fat meal

Like almost every drug, sexual enhancers also have possible side effects. However, these depend on the respective preparation. Some patients complain of headaches, digestive problems, dizziness, or a stuffy nose. Affected people sometimes see blurred or perceive colours differently. However, more dangerous side effects are rather an exception. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that the medication is used correctly and the dosage has been agreed with the doctor. In the worst case a permanent visual disturbance can develop. In this case, however, it is not yet certain whether the sexual enhancers were actually to blame. There are also reports of sudden heart failure, which are also not 100% associated with the sexual enhancer. For this reason, patients who are already complaining about heart problems should not be prescribed sexual enhancers in the first place. If affected persons notice side effects, the doctor should be consulted immediately. Both physicians, and pharmacists advise absolutely against the fact that Potenzmittel are ordered in the Internet. The reason for this is the fact that first of all the reason for the potency problems should be clarified by a doctor. In addition, certain medications or diseases may speak against taking the medication. It is not uncommon for the pills in the net to be counterfeit and not genuine preparations. In the case of counterfeits, the active ingredient is partly completely absent, they are contaminated with non-hazardous substances or are even much too highly concentrated. Those affected should not endanger their health, rather overcome their shame and talk openly with a urologist or a trusted family doctor.

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Teacher Created Resources Power Pen Learning Cards: Multiplication (6459)
  • Includes 53 (5 1/2" x 3 1/2") double-sided practice cards.
  • Instruction and answer key cards included.
  • Power Pen needed for use with cards.
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