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In our stressful and hectic time a meaningful leisure activity becomes more and more essential. In addition to a suitable balancing sport for more fitness you should, however, pay attention to restful periods of rest in order to remain efficient in the long run. If you can afford it, relax in your own garden or on the weekend property. Preferably by the pool. But if you want to enjoy him for a long time, you should take care of him accordingly. In addition to the regular cleaning, it makes sense to cover large pools expertly. A solar film is ideally suited to prevent dirt from forming. In order to be able to easily stretch or remove a solar foil, you need a reel. Are there any differences between the models? Covering with a retractor only makes sense with a correspondingly large pool. As a rule, these pools are square or rectangular and embedded in the ground. Depending on the model you can splash and / or swim in them. However, there are also reels that are suitable for steel round tanks with a wide handrail. Since these pools are not always embedded in the ground, it is important that the matching reel is height adjustable. As varied as the offered reels are their specific properties. Because: reel is not equal to reel. It is therefore important to be informed about the individual reels and to compare different models before buying. So you can find the right reel for his pool, without risking trouble or expensive bad buys. A good way of comparing test results on the Internet. Here the characteristics and / or the advantages and disadvantages of the different reels are enumerated. This can simplify the purchase decision. What advantages do the different reels have? A reel system for pool foils can be operated either electrically or manually. Some reels are firmly anchored, while others are mobile and therefore variable in use. Furthermore, the reels may differ in the material used. In general, high-quality models are more expensive, but also last longer. Through the use of telescopic rails different widths can be adjusted. For example, a stepless size adjustment between 300 cm to 570 cm is possible. The required straps and clips to fix the foil are usually included in the delivery. Where can you buy reels for solar foils? In every shop where you can get swimming pools and matching accessories, you can also buy foil for covering and matching reels. This includes well-stocked hardware stores. However, you can buy a reel for solar film online. The advantage here is the far greater choice of manufacturers and models. But there are even more reasons to buy your reel on the Internet: – The information potential is greater. You can look around in peace and inform, without the seller over one's shoulder. – The purchase is convenient. The journey and the search for a parking space are omitted. Online shopping also works from your own sofa, with just a few clicks. – You can buy around the clock, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Opening hours and public holidays are not required. – A purchase on the Internet is without waiting. The queuing at the box is eliminated. – A better price comparison is possible. This can make you a bargain. – Save money through discounts or coupons or promotions.

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ConclusionIf you have a pool, you should cover it when not in use to prevent soiling. A solar foil is very popular because it heats up the water in the pool at the same time. In order not to despair when mounting and removing the film, you should use a reel. A high quality guarantees a long durability. So you enjoy your device for a long time.

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