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A room aviary offers a home for breeding birds. The main material is reinforced and coated wire. It contains poles on which the birds can stand and walk. There is also a feeding area with water. It is possible to hang bird toys. Thanks to the drawers, the floor can be cleaned without having to remove the birds from the cage. A room aviary is available in pet shops and on trading platforms on the Internet.

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The Aviary (The Uncaged Series Book 1)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Shore, Emily (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 294 Pages - 03/05/2019 (Publication Date) - Clean Teen Publishing (Publisher)

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The size of the indoor aviary depends on the type of bird and its number, which must have sufficient space in an aviary. If bird owners want to breed birds, the space for small birds must be included. In addition, birds need a high level of protection, especially in the first few weeks, where they can recover from the strains of hatching. Birds are freedom-loving animals. So that they can spread out its wings also in rooms, a big room-aviary is to be procured according to the bird-type. These do not always have to be ordered in the specialized trade, it is also possible to build your own aviary. Instructions for details can be found on the Internet, roughly the following aspects must be considered:

Most of the frames are made of wood in homemade aviaries. It must be ensured that the wood is treated without chemicals so that no abrasion occurs during cleaning. Untreated wood contaminated with faeces is difficult to clean. The residues form bacteria that cause a bird to fall ill. Chemically treated wood, on the other hand, causes diseases in birds due to its ingredients. The wire mesh fence is an excellent cover. This should be coated with Avilon powder, as this coating is safe for birds. For better handling, the room aviary should be built on wooden stilts. The floor must be made as a drawer which can be pulled out to clean it and change food and water. So that the birds cannot fly away during this time, an additional safety grid must be attached under the drawer

The birds living in a room aviary want to be busy. To a healthy extent, bird toys are necessary for this. These are available in every pet shop or in online shops. Ideally, the toy is made of natural materials such as wood in combination with cotton or similar. Possible is a small bird wood swing, on which the birds can swing back and forth. Willow branches or coconut shells are suitable wood species. In addition, a climbing wall with branches positioned at different heights makes sense. A climbing rope with knots employs small and large bird species. In addition there are already finished bird playgrounds with rings, branches and ladders on which birds can walk. Plastic toys for birds are unsuitable. On the one hand, they are composed of chemicals and on the other hand, this does not correspond to a natural environment for birds. Even glitter toys are not a good choice because they irritate the animals. Not every bird is a magpie who likes to make blinking objects disappear

Wild birds should stay in the wild. These are not suitable for home keeping. Keeping birds in a room aviary only works with breeding birds that are used to living indoors and do not know free flights outdoors. Good care for the birds is important. If the bird is purchased from an animal husbandry, it should first visit a veterinarian. He can give more detailed information on the genus, gives tips on how to keep it and gives advice on proper nutrition. Keepers should indicate the size of the intended aviary and the number of birds in it. It is very important to offer fresh water every day and to make sure that there is no excrement in the bowl. If this happens, the food must be replaced.

Keepers must take their time for their birds. Besides, it’s good for the birds to use their wings for flying. To do this, all windows and doors in the room in which the room aviary is located must be closed. Then the flap of the room aviary can be opened. With a little practice, the birds find their way back to the room aviary alone to sleep, eat and drink.

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The Aviary (The Uncaged Series Book 1)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Shore, Emily (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 294 Pages - 03/05/2019 (Publication Date) - Clean Teen Publishing (Publisher)
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