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  • Amperage (amps):2.7 A
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Machine's small size (13 x 13 x 24...
  • STABLE OPERATION: Unique High-Tech Suspension system reduces...
  • LARGE LOAD CAPACITY: Jumbo-sized stainless steel inner tub...
  • ❃UNIQUE DESIGN OF THE FEATURES:This is a Hand-Cranked mini...
  • ❃UNIQUE DESIGN OF THE FEATURES:This is a Hand-Cranked mini...
  • Ventless Portable Electric Dryer
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 1800 RPM Spin Speed
  • New, faster, portable, light, compact and very quiet
  • No hookup required
  • New improved model with a cleaner design, better drain...

In the meantime, the use of spin extractors has become rare, as the spin function has become a standard feature of the washing machine. And even if the spin dryer can only be found in a few private households, it still serves its purpose. Washing machines only manage to spin at 1,400 revolutions per minute. The textiles are processed in a spin dryer at 2,800 revolutions per minute. This means that the laundry already feels almost dry and therefore hardly has much time to spend in the tumble dryer. This is because the spin extractor ensures that so much water is discharged from the laundry. This means that clothing is no longer as damp and dries quickly.

Wherever spin extractors are used spin extractors can be used flexibly. This makes the devices suitable for private and commercial use. A family with at least two children produces a lot of laundry. Therefore, it is essential that the washing machine runs almost every day. But even if the laundry that is produced every day has already been washed, it needs a certain amount of time to dry out. However, the duration of the drying process can be significantly influenced with the aid of a spin dryer. In this way, the fresh clothes are quickly available again, which saves a lot of time, especially for large families. But even amateur athletes benefit from the performance of a spin dryer when it comes to washing sportswear at regular intervals, for example. An adventure pool offers the ideal location for spin dryers. Because every day many borrowed towels are to be washed and too dry, so that they can be used again quickly.

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Advantages of spin dryers- energy saving – low-noise – efficient – time-saving – transportable

How a spin extractor worksThe spin extractor is also called a centrifuge. The principle is that as much liquid as possible is removed from the inserted textiles. This means that only a minimal amount of moisture remains after the spin. This time is achieved with the centrifugal effect. The wet laundry is pressed against the drum wall by rotation. The rotating movement and the centrifugal force make it possible to dewater the laundry. The drum wall of the spin dryer contains holes. This transports the water from the laundry to the outside. On the housing of the spin dryer there is a drain tap or a drain hose. Via this, the water reaches a bathtub or a key that has been placed underneath. After spinning has been completed, it is possible, for example, to hang the laundry on the rotary clothes dryer or to put it in the dryer for drying. The spin dryer only works when the lid is closed. As with a washing machine, however, the lid can be opened during the spin cycle because it stops automatically.

Handling the spin dryerIn normal cases, spin dryers have a particularly functional design, as operation is particularly easy even for beginners. But before one can operate this device, a suitable place has to be found. Some devices have a stand. With other spin extractors, an elevation must be created so that the water can flow off into a bowl placed underneath. In general, the connection cable has a length of metres, so it should be placed in front of the next socket without any problems. Due to its low weight, the spin dryer can be worn so that the location can be changed without any problems. Many devices weigh from nine to twelve kilos. If the spin dryer is to be moved to a different location, hug the machine during transport. As soon as the clothes have been washed and pre-spun in the washing machine, it is possible to open the drum of the appropriate spin-dryer and then place the laundry in it. Not only when washing, even when spinning you should pay attention to the labels of the garments. It is just as important to pay attention to the permissible weight. If the spin-dryer has to carry too high a load, it is possible that this appliance may be damaged. Once the laundry has been placed in the spin extractor, the lid is closed. The spinning process is started and the laundry is spun by pressing the remaining water out. As soon as you remove the laundry after spinning, you will notice that it is only slightly damp. This is the biggest difference to spinning in the washing machine. Many centrifuges have an outlet at the front. It is crucial that there is always a suitable container under the outlet which collects the remaining water. When spinning is finished, disconnect the appliance from the mains and hang the laundry up for drying.

TOP 5 Spin dryer Bestseller

The Laundry Alternative - Ninja Portable Mini 3200 RPM Centrifugal Spin Clothes Dryer with High-Tech Suspension System - 22 Pounds Capacity
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Machine's small size (13 x 13 x 24 inches) and 19.7 lbs. light weight. Ergonomic design makes it feel even lighter!
  • STABLE OPERATION: Unique High-Tech Suspension system reduces need to re-balance loads, also greatly reduces wear and tear allowing unit to last much longer.
  • LARGE LOAD CAPACITY: Jumbo-sized stainless steel inner tub (9 x 14 inches) allows for 22 pounds of laundry!
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a spin dryer, not a tumble dryer. It gets the clothes very close to but not 100% dry.
  • VERY QUIET: 16 times as quiet as other spin dryers. About as loud as a conversation, not a vacuum cleaner!
KUPPET Portable Spin Dryer 1500 RPM 110V/17.6lbs(Can only be dried, not washed)
  • 👔1500 RPM Spin Speed.10 lbs Load Capacity. 110V outlet, 60HZ 250W,plug anywhere you like, easy mobility and portable to carry around.
  • 👔Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, RV, Boat, Travel. Space Saver. Match with various choice of Panda Portable Washing Machine as a set. Overall dimensions:17.7*17.7*30.7 inches.
  • 👔Gets washing almost dry (not 100% dry, slightly damp) and saves line time. Dramatically speeds up drying for hand washing. Bring efficiency, safety and economy to your washing.
  • 👔Gravity draining means the product can go anywhere without being located to a sink or drain. Just place a small bucket under the outlet to catch the water.
  • 👔Safe circuit design, environmentally friendly paint for motors UL approved power cord.
YDCW Mini Portable Washing Machine,Manual Non-Electric and Clothes Spin Dryer Compact Laundry,Stacked Washer Combo Small Semi-Automatic for Dorms Rvs Camping Etc,Blue,A (Blue)
  • ❃UNIQUE DESIGN OF THE FEATURES:This is a Hand-Cranked mini spin dryer and washer, capable of washing and drying your clothes in just a few minutes of time. The washing handle uses a rotating rocker arm and a built-in iron core, which is easy to save effort and more durable! Foldable dehydration handle, pull up when used, fold when not in use, more convenient!
  • ❃EASY WASHING AND QUICK DEHYDRATION:It can elute two kilograms of clothes at a time and can store up to 12 liters of water. A single washing cycle is added in 1-3 minutes Rinse for 1-2 minutes, the total time is less than 5 minutes.The rotation speed can reach 600 rpm,quick dehydration, your clothes will come out 95% dry so you reduce the time it takes to dry clothes.none of the agitators or heating elements that destroy your clothes.
  • ❃THE PORTABLE SPIN DRYER/WASHING MACHINE:spin dryer and washing machine can be used virtually anywhere such as a dorm, off-grid, apartment, boats, RVs, camping, and fishing. No matter where you are in life, has got your back.
  • ❃ENERGY SAVING AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: It requires no electricity to run,is a huge money-saver.and The use of high-quality PP environmental protection materials, high strength, willfulness, non-toxic materials, health and environmental protection.
  • ❃SPECIAL NOTE:1.Basic type of hand-washing machine:the main function is dehydration 2.Upgraded hand-washing machine:both washing and dehydrating functions.The hand-washing machine is suitable for washing underwear, socks and other inner clothes, adult single-piece clothes or baby clothes, and pet clothes. Large clothes or winter clothes (jeans, jackets, bed sheets or quilt covers) are not suitable for elution, so please consider carefully before buying! Thank you for your cooperation
The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer
  • Ventless Portable Electric Dryer
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 1800 RPM Spin Speed
  • 12 lb Load Capacity. Laundry is 90% dry in under 3 minutes
  • This is not a regular clothes dryer, it is a spin dryer which does not use heat and does not get the clothes 100% dry

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