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Every cat owner knows the regular routine of cleaning toilets. The clotted cat litter is separated from the still clean litter with the help of a litter shovel and the urine and excrement is removed from the litter tray – preferably daily. Only in this way a long lasting hygiene can be guaranteed, so that the four-legged friends feel really well. In the worst case, your cat will look for a new “quiet place” in an unclean litter box. And to the cat owner’s chagrin this can also be in other parts of the home and thus become an odor-intensive problem. It is therefore necessary to make every effort to remove the contaminated cat litter together with any bound legacies. A high-quality spreading vane is indispensable for this. Why should I pay attention to high quality spreading vanes? When buying a spreading vane, you should pay attention to a corresponding quality. Someone who’s worked with inferior shovels before will sign that statement. Low quality blades often cause problems after only a short time, either by completely giving up the ghost, or by providing insufficient results when filtering the litter. It should always be borne in mind that the weight of the litter, including the adhering legacies, is considerable. A further danger is that larger lumps of litter can settle in the cracks, which can only be removed very laboriously with low quality buckets. In addition, if the grooves are too large, it can happen that too much cat litter cat litter trickles through and urine and excrement is filtered inadequately. Often only a new purchase of the spreading vane will help. What do I have to consider when buying a spreading vane? There are vane blades for considerably less than 5 Euro, but here there is the danger that they are only short-lived and have to be replaced after a few uses. These are usually made of inferior plastic and are not made for continuous use. Thus it can be worthwhile to buy directly a stable and high-quality strewing shovel for cat toilets, at which the cat owner has also long time fun. Robust and high-quality produced spreading vanes are easy to clean and guarantee a safe use for many years.

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The Amazy manure shovel is a product that stands out for its high-quality workmanship. A non-stick Teflon coating allows litter and faeces to trickle through without any problems and ensures safe application. The area is so large that even large quantities of cat litter can be filtered. The holes are designed in such a way that only what is necessary is let through. The shovel also lies comfortably in the hand and allows a high level of operating comfort. Of course the quality has its price here, but the acquisition costs will pay off over the years. Another product worth mentioning is the metal spreading shovel by Karlie Flamingo. It is characterized by high stability and has thus developed into a bestseller for many online shops. The existing gaps have a diameter of approx. 4 cm and ensure an optimal sieving of the cat litter. It becomes clear that by choosing the right spreading vane you are laying the foundation for a good well-being of your beloved velvet paws.

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