Best Windscreen cleaners

  • Specially formulated spray cleaner that's safe for aviation...
  • Genuine OEM - direct fit
  • Provides quality engine effectiveness
  • BMW performance
  • 1. Used to repair the damage of the car seat leather, the...
  • 2. Suitable for plastic or any hard surface, such as car...
  • 3. Made of high quality materials, it has no toxic...
  • Specially formulated spray cleaner designed for aviation...
  • Specially formulated spray emits a non-abrasive, anti-static...
  • Won't cloud or damage windows or painted surfaces
  • 210 Plastic Cleaner/Polish seals the pores in plastic...
  • Will remove marks from crayons, magic markers, paint over...
  • Use it on your vinyl windows, hatch covers, mirrors,...
  • Cleans, shines and protects, unique formulation that...
  • Great for: Plastic, Acrylic, Plexiglas, Lexan, Mylar,...
  • Repels dust and protects from fingerprints and scratches,...

When driving, it is important to have a clear view at all times – even at night, in the rain and in snow flurries. A good windscreen cleaner is therefore indispensable. But how do I, as a driver, ensure that my windows remain clean at all times without streaks and that no disturbing streaks obstruct the view? And what types of windscreen cleaners are there?

Our Top Windscreen cleaners Pick

Prist Acrylic and Plastic Windscreen Cleaner
  • Specially formulated spray cleaner that's safe for aviation windows

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Of course, the most important characteristic of the windscreen cleaner is that it removes dirt from the windscreen quickly and effectively. If you save here at the wrong end, you even pay for it: A poor cleaner requires several wiper passes and thus increases consumption. So it’s worth investing a few euros more in a powerful windscreen cleaner. Commercially available window cleaners are compatible with rubber, paint and plastics. Some contain caring ingredients that prolong the life of windscreen wipers. An anti-scale additive ensures that the nozzles of the windscreen washer system are not clogged. This is particularly important for concentrates that are mixed with hard tap water. The cleaning effect of windscreen cleaners is comprehensive: not only insect soiling, but also oil and soot films and silicone soiling can be removed in no time at all. Indoor cleaners also deal with nicotine residues, lubricant films and fingerprints. Some window cleaners leave a layer of nanoparticles on the glass, which ensure optimum wetting of the surface so that good visibility is guaranteed even in the rain. By the way: The best windscreen cleaner does not have an optimal effect if the wiper blades are old or damaged. By replacing them in good time, you can ensure that your windows are cleaned without streaks and that no annoying dirt remains behind

If you have little time, you will be happy to use ready-made mixtures to clean your windows. The application of these windscreen cleaners is very uncomplicated: Simply fill in and the journey can begin. In contrast to the inexpensive concentrate, which the driver dilutes before filling, the final cleaner is much more expensive. In addition to the time savings, the fact that no mistakes were made in the mixing ratio speaks in favour of the ready-mixed mixture. That’s why many car owners like to use these products – because time is money

If you don’t want to spend so much on your windscreen cleaning, you’ll find a low-cost concentrate. The correct mixing ratio must be observed: For a 1:1000 concentrate, a dosing cap should be diluted with 2.5 litres of water. If this ratio is not correct, an optimal cleaning effect will not be achieved. In the worst case, there will be streaks on the glass, which can lead to dangerous traffic situations especially in the evening hours or with backlighting. Make sure that you add the right amount of water and concentrate

It is quite clear that the windscreen cleaner in the car wash should be refilled regularly. However, some car drivers easily forget to clean the inside of the windows from dirt on a regular basis. Over time, an unwanted film forms here that can restrict the view. Particularly in smoking vehicles, the nicotine layer on the inner pane should be removed at short intervals to prevent dangerous glare from a lubricating film. A powerful glass cleaner, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, is suitable for these purposes. It can be applied to the inside of windscreens and side windows using a spray bottle. Special microfibre cloths absorb the dirt without leaving any residue and ensure streak-free cleaning. Special windscreen cleaners with telescopic handles are also available on the market: this enables you to reach inner windows that are difficult to access and ensure a pleasantly clear view all round. The associated microfiber cleaning pads can be machine washed and reused.

TOP 5 Windscreen cleaners Bestseller

Prist Acrylic and Plastic Windscreen Cleaner
  • Specially formulated spray cleaner that's safe for aviation windows
Slipstreamer Motorcycle Windscreen Cleaner and Polish S-C/P-M
  • Cleans and polishes all plastics
  • Removes small surface scratches
  • Anti-fog and anti-static
  • 7 oz.
  • For case order 12
Plane Perfect Eyes Outside Plastic and Glass Windshield Cleaner for Aviation, Auto, Motorcycle, and Marine Acrylic Lexan Lucite Plexiglass LCD Cleaner (16 oz. Spray Bottle)
  • Easy to use: Just spray on and wipe off!
  • Revolutionary 3-in-1 cleaner, polish and protectant that protects from damage caused by aggressive wiping and repetitive cleaning
  • Safe to use with plastics (plexiglass, acrylic, acrylite, lucite and lexan), glass, or hard shiny surfaces
  • Anti-static, fingerprint resistant and polishing properties are great for LCD screens, radio displays, glass cockpits, GPS, instrument gauges, panel covers, yokes, or any hard shiny surface
  • Fast and portable spray refill available for your auto, aircraft, marine and bike cleaning needs
  • Genuine OEM - direct fit
  • Provides quality engine effectiveness
  • BMW performance
PRIST Windscreen Cleaner Aerosol Can
  • Specially formulated spray cleaner designed for aviation windscreens
  • Specially formulated spray emits a non-abrasive, anti-static foam that cuts through grime and bugs without harming the applied surface
  • Won't cloud or damage windows or painted surfaces
  • Also effective cleaner on painted surfaces and exterior metal

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