Blend S Season 2 Release Date News Characters Updates

Blend S Season 2
Blend S Season 2 Updates

Blend S Season 2 Release Date News Characters Updates: Blend S anime was released in 2017 and it was really a great success for the anime production team. It was a big hit not only in Japan but all over the world. This anime also had many positive comments from the viewers. Regular viewers of animes said that this anime’s story was very creative and interesting. People said that they never got bored watching any single episode of this anime series. That in itself was a great feedback to promote the success of the series one step further.

Blend S Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

This anime also became famous because of its great characters. When the production team launched this anime, in its early days the anime was not getting much attention but after some days it became famous all over the world due to its unusual character presentation. When this anime came to its ending episodes, people were so upset and they wanted the creators to continue the series further by extending the episodes.

Special appeal and forum posts were made to request the creators to extend the finale deadline further by adding a few more episodes. When so many people thought about continuing this, the only thing that came into the minds of the creators and producers was to finalize the second season of Blend S. Now, there are many rumors according to the Blend S season 2.

We will provide you here every single detail about the second season of Blend S, its expected release date, upcoming story and more. At the same time, the Manga is still continuing which great news is for fans because more seasons can be produced easily based on the feedback provided by the anime lovers globally.

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Blend S was very loved by the people because of its creative and interesting storyline. Here we will tell you about the plot of Blend S. This anime is all about a very simple but extremely interesting girl. The girl’s name is Maika Sakuranomiya. She was a high school student with an extremely entertaining and cheerful personality loved by one and all around her. Her saying was that whenever she helped someone, she feels very comfortable and relaxed along with a sense of doing something responsible and kind. She was from a traditional and cultural Japanese family and her dream was to study in a foreign country while supporting her by doing some part-time job.

But one thing to be noticed about her was that no matter how much she is a cheerful person but whenever she smiled, her smile gave a sadistic look that was often enough to scare anyone who sees that. After a lot of hard work, she found a job in a cafe. The owner of that cafe was a boy who was an Italian by nationality. The person who runs the cafe was Dino. In this case, the women workers were given different traits on which they treat the customers who come to the cafe.

Another interesting thing in this story is that all of the women employees who work in this cafe are given tsundere, sadistic or harsh traits or character to act on, which makes this cafe special and different from other cafes in the area. Even the customers feel so happy when they are treated in this unique method, and some of them especially ask to have a worker of their loved character. This makes the customer happy and they enjoy this. But when the day comes to its end and Maika’s job timing is finished, the thing which stresses her always is that her mirky smile which is annoying for everyone, in fact, it scares some of the peoples. There are also two important extended characters in this story, which helps in developing the plot. They are the two friends of Maika who are also her class fellows.

This was the overall story of Blend S season 1. If you think that the story has ended here then you are wrong. This story will definitely continue in the Blend S season 2 and you will be having a lot of entertainment and fun as the characters are explored more deeply and different traits are developed along the flow of the storyline.

Blend S Season 2 Will Release or Not?

There are high chances of releasing of Blend S season 2. Since the first season released 2 volumes and it has a total of 4 volumes from Manga anime series. It is expected that there can be remaining 2 volumes of it in its second season. But there is still no official statement given from the production team.

Expected Release Date of Blend S Season 2 

There is no official date announced by the production team but according to some of the updates and rumors, the second season of Blend S can be released at the end of 2018 or earlier in 2019.


The conclusion to this anime series is that it has got some excellent animations and graphics along with an interesting and creative storyline. This anime series got fame not only in Japan but all over the world. It is almost confirmed that there will be Blend S season 2.