In the category “Everything for Animals” you will find a large selection of pet food and accessories for ornamental fish, small animals, birds, cats and dogs from renowned brand manufacturers at reasonable prices. For example, cats need at least two cat toilets, a scratching tree and interesting toys to feel good. Of course you will also find in this category suitable cat litter, baskets, sleeping beds, cat flaps and dry and wet food, which was made from healthy ingredients

Dog owners are offered durable dog collars and matching dog leashes in this category. The range for dogs also includes a wide variety of products for grooming, kennels, dog beds, car accessories, dog toys, chews and healthy dog food

In addition to the spacious cage, owners of small animals can select the appropriate bedding, animal-friendly cage accessories and toys, hay, straw and the appropriate forage and order them conveniently at the click of a mouse.

The extensive assortment for ornamental birds consists of animal-friendly cages, perches, toys, watering troughs, feeding bowls, bathhouses and bird food for various bird species. In addition, in the category “All for Animals” you can order feed mixes for wild birds, feed houses for window sills or the garden, feed stands and nesting boxes for various bird species

Aquarium owners will find in the category aquariums, filters, pumps, aquarium care utensils, decorative items and high-quality fish food, which has been specially adapted to the needs of different fish species, such as catfish.