Weekend shopping or satisfying hunger can be covered by the purchase of food. From cheese, sausage, noodles or bread, the selection of food offers everything the customer desires. Even exotic fruits, rare vegetables or the steak from Argentina and the pangasius or squid are on the program. Delicacies ranging from artichokes to olives are hearty and tasty and provide the ideal basis for a feast for the palate. Dairy products, eggs or bakery products, coffee, tea, canned staple foods, sauces or pickled foods round off the range to meet daily needs. Of course, sweets should not be missing from this list, because from sweets to waffles to lollipops or jelly babies, children will be especially happy here. With snacks such as chips or flips and peanuts, every party can be underlined, and at the same time a large variety of drinks is offered. Spirits, beer, juices, water and soft drinks quench the thirst. Food &beverages are indispensable for humans, therefore all food desires are covered. In the past the customer was happy when he found bananas or oranges as exotic fruit, nowadays even the most unusual wishes for products are fulfilled. Food & beverages provide variety in everyday life and offer a balanced and, correctly chosen, healthy diet. Quality, control and freshness are always top priorities for today’s food sold in the EU.