Fuuka Season 2 Release Date News Update Characters

Fuuka Season 2

The first season of Fuuka has got a lot of audience and fan following, this is the reason the rumors are coming up with brand new Fuuka season 2. People are looking desperately to get a gimps of the new anime series.

They are looking forward to knowing the latest updates and new regarding Fuuka 2. Here, we are going to discuss everything about the Fuuka season 2 series which is actually a wonderful Manga series based Anime. The brilliant series is released by Diomedea Studio, the series have got a huge audience across the globe in a very short span of time.

Fuuka Season 2: Everything you Want to Know About 

The initial series has just 12 episodes, but the brilliant work and explicit audience attention made the team to come up with a brand new series of Fuuka. Are the makers actually releasing the Fuuka Season 2 or it is just a rumor? Stay tuned to know it.

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Know the Plot – Story Line

If you haven’t watched any episode of the show, we will give you a brief about the storyline. The basic story is very appealing and people love to watch the episodes, it is a tale of innocent and shy fellow Yu Haruna, he moved to a new city and stats posting on Twitter. He begins to share almost every tiny detail about his life in the form of tweets.

Similarly, when one day he was engrossed in his smartphone and was updating his feed he collides with Fuuka Akitsuki. The girl thinks this guy to be a pervert and that he is trying to capture her underwear on his phone. She, smashes his phone in anger, after calming down they found out that they study in the same school and are actually classmates.

Yu becomes close to her and finds her totally different from the remaining class fellows at school. She even doesn’t have a basic mobile phone and is not on any social networking platforms chilling out with friends and folks. Instead, Fuka is a huge music lover and loves to follow her musical passion. She befriends Harun to showcase that the world is just behind the mobile phone screen.

Yu Haruna is the lead of the anime show, who is isolated from the entire world. He loves the internet and is part of all the popular social networking sites. He doesn’t like to be part of the external environment, this is basically because of his shy nature.

But one fine day, his life changes and all the credit goes to Fuuka Akitsuki. She is totally different from Yu. She is not part of any social media sites, she is smart and free-spirited. She loves to follow her passion. She also angrily broke the smartphone of Yu, that incident made them best friends.

One fine day, Harun plans to invite all his friend to a concert and where the 3 trio meet and something unique happens. A beautiful love triangle has taken birth, it is great to watch the ending. You need to decide yourself, how this beautiful story is transformed.

Fuuka Season 2 Rumours & Updates  

I am sure the first series audience are desperately looking forward to knowing more detailed regarding the Fuuka Season 2. The reality is, the final story is not done yet. Moreover, there is no delay in the overall releasing date but you guys need to wait for a while until the official announcement is made. Bring up your popcorn bowl and get ready to enjoy the romantic anime series.

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Fuuka Season 2 Release Date – Will it release or not?

The season 2 of Fuuka will be taking this love triangle to the further level. It would be super-duper fun to watch the splendid cast again in the anime series. People cannot get wait to get a glimpse of the much awaited second series of Fuuka. It is expected to be on January coming year, you can add or subtract a couple of months since the exact date is not yet announced.

We surely will update you with the exact release date of Fuuka season 2. Stay tuned to the page for all latest updates of Fuuka season 2 so that you don’t miss all the fun.