Home news Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2(hai to gensou no grimgar) Release Date

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2(hai to gensou no grimgar) Release Date

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2(hai to gensou no grimgar) Release Date
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 updates

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 Updates: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is a blockbuster Japanese anime series that was adapted from a light novel series written by Ao Jūmonji. This is one of the most loved Japanese anime series titled Hai to Gensō no Gurimugaru in Japanese.

The story is about a fantasy world and revolves around a group of people having no memory and suddenly finds themselves in a fantasy world. Those people do not have any memory of the world before the fantasy world. The story was captivating enough for viewers to expect the hai to gensou no grimgar season 2.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 Will Release Or Not?

The writer of the series has released 10 Japanese volumes out of which only 2 volumes were adapted as anime series, which clearly suggests that the later volumes will be utilized in making next series.

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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Plot

The anime series walks you through the life of novice people in a battle to survive and prosper in the forest of Goblins. As we go ahead with the series, it can be discovered through the flashback and dialogues that those people are likely to have been originated from modern earth. They reach into a fantasy world with no memory of past and as they enter the fantasy world they encounter a mysterious individual called Chief Britney who enlists them for the service of Trainee Volunteer Soldiers.

The novice adventurers form their own group with the loners named as Priest Manato, Mage Shihoru, Beast Moguzo, Theif Haurhiro, Hunter Yume. Dark knight Ranata and at last healer Mary. The group is led by Manato and they are engaged in hunting down the Goblins forest and survive by earning rewards from their hunt. They spend those rewards to survive by purchasing food, clothes and other important things for themselves. The group eventually becomes killers to keep surviving and ends up fighting with the army of Goblins. The army of Goblins emerges as a stronger contender and hence the group leader Manato gets killed in the battle which weakens the foundation of the group. The first season ends by showing the battle between the two groups. Hence, the continuation of this story has to be shown in the Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2.

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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 News

The novel was during the period of the year 2013 and subsequent to its huge success, its anime adaption was declared in the year 2015 which was finally aired in Tokyo in the year 2016. It’s been two years now since the completion of the first season and now it’s fair to expect for fans for the second season of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. However, producers have still not commented on the release of the next season. It is certain that it takes time to produce a great anime series and with the rising expectations of people after the first season, we understand that it might take some time to come up with great content for the director. But don’t get disappointed, soon they will announce the hai to gensou no grimgar season 2 release date.

The first season of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash consisted of 12 episodes which were aired between January to March in 2016. See the names of all episodes below:

Title in Japanese/English Director Air date

Whisper, Chant, Prayer, Awaken

Sasayaki, Eishō, Inori, Mezameyo

Mieko Hosoi 11 January 2016
Long Day of the Trainee Volunteer Soldier

“Minarai Giyū-hei no Nagai Ichinichi

Tomoko Sudo 18 January 2016

Are Goblin Pouches Filled with our Dreams?

Goburin-bukuro ni wa Oretachi no Yume ga Tsumatteiru ka”

Akira Takada  

25 January 2016

Sky Dancing with Ash

Hai no Mau Sora e

Kunihiko Sakurai 1 February 2016

Crying Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak. Enduring Doesn’t Mean You’re Strong.

“Naku no wa Yowai Kara Janai. Taerareru no wa Tsuyoi Kara Janai”

Masahiro Shimizu 8 February 2016
Her Circumstances

“Kanojo no Baai”

Yuki Kinoshita

Tatsuya Oka

15 February 2016

They Were Called Goblin Slayers

Goburin Sureiyā to Yobarete

Minami Seki

Keiichi Kondo

22 February 2016
In My Memories with You

Kimi to no Omoide ni

29 February 2016
How to Rest

Kyūka no Sugoshikata

Eisuke Matsubara

Takushi Ueno

7 March 2016

I’m Not Fit to Be a Leader

“Rīdā no Utsuwa Janai Keredo

Masahiro Shimizu 14 March 2016
Between Life and Death

Seitoshi no ma de

Kunihiko Sakurai

21 March 2016

See You Tomorrow

Mata, Ashita


Mieko Hosoi

28 March 2016

Expecting a Release of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2

The first season was produced by Funimation so it is better to expect an update from them but if we were to believe rumors, then the Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 can be expected by the end of the year 2019. So keep your curiosity high and stay tuned for the latest updates.