In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Release Date News

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2

In Another World with My Smartphone Season 2 Release Date News: “In Another World with My Smartphone” better known as “Isekai Smartphone” is a bizarre anime series by author Patora Fuyuhara. It was initially started back in 2013 as a web novel on the website named Shouestsuka Ni Narou, but in 2015 Hobby Japan Novels picked up the series and began a webtoon publication of this novel but changed the from Isekai Smartphone to Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni light.

In Another World with My Smartphone Season 2 Updates

The volume 10 of this novel was scheduled to be released on September 22, 2017, in Japan and size five was expected to be released on October 27, 2017, in the USA. The English translation of the anime was started in February 2017. The first season of this anime series was, and the audience is waiting for the second season since the Season 1 finale. The graphics were as per the expectations of the anime lovers, but the Publishers balanced it well with a great plotline with loads of twist and turned all over. In spite of the cardboard designed characters the series, “In another World with My Smartphone” ended as one of the most loved anime of the time.

Storyline (Plot)

A boy named Touya Mochizuki (who is the protagonist of “In another World with My Smartphone”) had never even in his wildest, and the weirdest dream had thought of death before he was old enough. However, he is accidentally killed by God at the age of 15. He died because of the lighting shot by God which was meant for someone else altogether.  But after his unintentional and mistaken death, God gets upset because he did not want to kill an innocent bystander ever.

To undo the mistake God did, he resurrects Touya and to start life once again. However here lies the twist. Instead of sending him to the old boring life that the boy was leading, Touya is thrown to a new fantasy world of the parallel universe along with a special request from the boy’s end. Touya asked God to allow him to bring his Smartphone into a new world. God accepts him, and after a few modifications, God will enable Touya to take his Smartphone in the modern world. God also improves the physical, magical and thinking abilities of Touya to an individual and specific point to rectify his mistake of mistakenly killing an innocent boy.

As God improves his abilities so it’s not a big deal for him to appear as a hero in the very first minutes of his appearance in the new world. He easily deals with bandits, wild animals, monsters, uses his magic powers to do a lot of different things in the modern world. Touya takes full advantage of his second life’s chance, and he interacts with many people especially females and all the other rich people in the new world. He begins to travel, solving political problems and various other issues along the way and happily enjoying his new life.

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In Another World with My Smartphone Season 2 News

The audience very appreciated the first season of “In another World with My Smartphone,” they loved it and are eagerly waiting for its the second season. They genuinely want to see it and are waiting for its release date. But the anime production company Production Reed has not announced the release date of the second season, and they also did not publish anything related to the isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni season 2. Although we will give every update about the In Another World with My Smartphone Season 2 as soon as the premiere of the second season is confirmed.

However, everyone is waiting for the official announcement from the creators and also thinking that what its release date could be. The 12th episode of the Isekai wa Smartphone season 1 gave the hint that the Production Reed is going to continue the story. When the episode finale ended, the after credit scene showed the meeting of Touya with a significant new character and other characters which gave some spoilers about the future of the second season and hinted at what’s to come. It’s possible they were merely trying to provide some hints about the light novel series, but let’s hope the Blu-Ray sales and streaming video rights justify the second season and give some critical information about the second season.

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isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni season 2 Release Date

The audience liked and appreciated it, but it seems that Season 2 of “In another World with My Smartphone” won’t be produced because the story of the first season was not robust to be continued according to the producer and the team at the Publishing House. There is no official announcement from the creator as well as the production company. Everyone is waiting to hear the news about the release date of the In Another World with My Smartphone Season 2.


Well, we can only hope and wait for the release of the 2nd season of “In another World with My Smartphone”. If we ever receive any information related to this we will tell you first so wait and stay tuned with us and hope for the best.