Everything has to be right when it comes to men’s clothing. From the crown to the sole. Suit, tie and shirt have to be coordinated in cut, style and colour. A good men’s clothing store offers this service and the customer can choose the right shoes to make sure the outfit is right. Whether in business or leisure

Men’s clothing for every job
Depending on the industry, men’s outerwear looks somewhat different. A banker has to be serious, a creative or artistic profession has more freedom when it comes to outfitting. Here it does not have to be stiff and dark blue, but colourful and cheeky. The material plays an important role. It must be pleasant and adapted to the season. Light and breathable in summer. It should be warm in winter. Shoes are an eye-catcher and figurehead for men. They should be dignified and comfortable to wear. They do not necessarily have to correspond to the fashion trend. An expensive shoe should have a certain lifespan, which a fashion trend does not have. Discreet colours predominate among men when it comes to suits, trousers and Saccos.