Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date News Characters Update

Nanbaka Season 3

Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date News Characters: The anime series Nanbaka is a very popular Japanese manga show which the brainchild of director Shinji Takamatsu. The show had huge popularity in the year 2016 and this is the reason the fans are desperately looking for the Nanbaka season 3. The storyline and screenplay are amazing and this is why the fan following of this Japanese manga is high.

Nanbaka Season 3 News Info Updates Rumors

The rumor mills are building up and people are looking forward to getting a valid news about the Nanbaka season 3 updates. Both Japanese and English audience loved the show and are interested in knowing the development of the storyline.

It is an excellent Manga series which released the recent chapter. The content is already there, all it needs is a good director to come on screen and entertain the audience. There are rumors about the Nanbaka Season 3 and its creation, nothing finalized yet.

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Story Line

The Nanbaka series revolves around Nanba, it is a prison located in Japan. The prison is also called as an impenetrable prison and loaded with modern technology to ensure complete security of the system. The prison is covered with tall walls and the plot has main characters named Uno, Nico, Juugo, and Rock.

The prisoner 15 is a Japanese guy and he does not like oculist. He is master in escaping as he can do it in a super intelligent way without any trouble but is he fed of escaping hence drops the idea. The character Uno has 11 numbers and he is an English guy loves to play poker with him. Uno is the best fraud guy who has excellent gambling skills too. The 25 number is allotted to Nico, he is an American and loves to spoil himself with anime games.  He thinks anime will capture the entire world.

Finally, the Rock has ended up with number 69, the fellow Rock is American and loves to grab some Donuts. He is a fitness freak and loves to work on his body. All these guys are sent to Nanba, this is the place where only Juugo can escape multiple times in a day.

Juugo has some strange marks into his body parts and he can transform his hands into a sharp blade. The storyline is highly liked by the audience as all the 4 characters often get into a comic situation and they are joined together by the Hajime.

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What Do You Expect From Nanbaka Season 3?

The superior fellow of the Nanba prisoner is working for his head, he is searching for wired body person similar to the fellow Juugo so that he can conduct some experiment on him.  The plan of Juugo is to safeguard all his friends from this terrific guy. So that they all do not suffer like he is struggling with the weird body. People are desperately looking forward to knowing what happened in the Nanbaka Season 3, hopefully, it will have an escape plan as the next storyline.

Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date News

The release date of manga season 3 is into yet finalized, in fact, there is no official announcement yet. Stay tuned to the page, we will update you will the Nanbaka season 3 release dates as soon as it is announced by the makers.

Final Words

The Nanbaka Season 3 will be treat for all the manga lovers, it would be fun to watch the development in the storyline. The show has all the elements to keep their audience entertained. The series 3 will have Juugo making his plot for revenge and hopefully will be able to save his folks from the prison.