Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date Characters Updates

Shimoneta Season 2

The Shimoneta is a famous Japanese anime series which was developed by Hirotaka Akagi and now people are eagerly waiting for the Shimoneta season 2. This manga series is illustrated by Eito Shimotsuki.

Shimoneta Season 2: We May Soon Get a Sequel?

The show started back in 2015 and had 12 successful episodes. The show Shimoneta season 1 had already huge fan following because the audience enjoyed the 1st season of comedy and romance. The main reason for huge fan following is the unique storyline and this is the reason the audiences are asking for Shimoneta Season 2.

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Story Line of Shimoneta (Plot)

The story of Shimoneta takes place in Japan, the government of Japan has set strict rules to cut down and eliminate any perceived immoral activity. Due to the implementation of public order and good moral, people pay the utmost care not to indulge in games, movies, and magazines related to sex or erotic stuff.

If anything happens, it may be considered as the destruction of the law. Japan tops the list of highly moral countries in the globe and anything related to the term sex is considered illegal and is restricted.  It is mandatory for all the citizen of the country to wear high technology device which is called the Peace Makers. They are supposed to wear is ever time and this device will analyze all the words spoken by the individuals.

In addition to it, any wrong hand gesture made by folks can break the law. The story of Shimoneta is about a person named Tanukichi Okuma, he enters into a new high school and it is leading elite “public morals school” in Japan.

His main focus is to reunite with his crush called Anna Nishikinomiya. Anna Nishikinomiya is the head of the student council. Tanukichi finds out that the SOX organization is located inside his school building, their primary motive is to spread illegal pornographic content across the country. It is just a way to keep a track against the moral practices and rules. Anna is the daughter of renowned political who promotes the law of high morals.

The person is not very keen about the natural relationship between man and women.  Tanukichi plans to support SOX willingly when he knows that Anna’s mother is looking forward to promoting the bill. SOX is headed by Ayame Kajou aka Blue Snow. She is found promoting immoral words and circulating erotic pictures. She gets to know that Tanukichi had sex and was against the introduction of this law. Ayame drags him toward her side.

Shimoneta Season 2 Info & Updates 

There is no such announcement about the Shimoneta Season 2 anytime sooner now, but people are desperately looking forward to the series 2. The second 1 was the anime version of eight volumes of the novels. The novel creators are releasing a new chapter each month and it is highly expected that the audience would be also surprised with a brilliant season 2 soon. The anime markers are interested in Shimoneta Season 2 but the dates are still unknown.

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date News

Shimoneta season 2 is around the corner but the release dates are not confirmed. People are keen to know what is going to happen in the Shimoneta season 2 since the latest release of the novel doesn’t have an English edition and the audience across the globe are still looking forward to knowing the climax.

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The second season may have the storyline where the SOX group might target the bigger targets and would reach out the Japanese government by spreading their wings inside the country. There is no official announcement about the Shimoneta Season 2 Release date from the J.C. staff. But, since the series 1 has a huge audience and market reach, it is highly possible that the Shimoneta Season 2 surely will happen. It would be really nice if the manga writers will increase their speed, there are high chances that the second series may start by 2019.


Getting Shimoneta Season 2 on board will be a great way to attract all the manga lovers. They would be glued to watch the famous series filled with comedy, romance, and drama by the lead characters. The success of season 1 will definitely urge the makers to bring up the second season.